What can be used instead when there is no breadcrumbs?

Bread crumbs are the most important ingredient when making fried foods. The reason why some fried foods we buy can have a very crispy taste is mainly because of the use of bread crumbs. The main reason for a global cuisine.

But there are always many emergencies in our lives. For example, when your ingredients are ready to be put into the pot, you suddenly find that there is no bread crumbs, and there is no time to buy them in a short time, what should you do at this time? Are there any ingredients that can be used to replace bread crumbs?

What can be used instead when there is no breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a kind of professional ingredients used to make fried foods. It is now very common and appears in almost every family. The usage rate is very high and the practicability is also very strong. When there is no bread crumbs around you. You can also use some other foods instead, such as oatmeal, corn flakes, potato chips and so on.

When you are in desperate need of breadcrumbs, you can look around what is around you. If there are foods such as oatmeal, corn flakes, and potato chips, it will become much simpler. You just need to collect them, then put them in a sealed bag and crush them with a rolling pin, so that they can be used instead of breadcrumbs.

If you don’t have these foods, you can also use some stale bread to make, but the process is a little more troublesome. You need to cut these breads into small pieces, put them in the microwave for heating, wait until the breads are golden and crispy, then you can take them out, and then use the same method to crush them.

You can use all the ingredients available around you, such as biscuits, flour, etc. If you want a better taste, then you can use flour. Add an appropriate amount of water to the flour to make a batter, then put the ingredients in, evenly coat the batter and start frying.

But when you use the batter, you must be careful not to get burned, because the liquid concentration is relatively high. It is very easy to cause the oil to splash if you put it directly in the hot oil. You can put the ingredients in and fry when the oil temperature is not very high.

The above are several suitable ingredients that can be used to replace breadcrumbs. Although they are a bit different from breadcrumbs, they can still be used in general.

Now the public’s economic level has been greatly improved, and the pursuit of food has become more intense, especially all kinds of fried foods. With rich taste and visual stimulation, they have gained loyal fans. Therefore, bread crumbs are now very popular. Consumers are welcomed, and the market demand is getting higher and higher.

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