What is the advantage and disadvantage of microwave?

What are the advantages of microwave ovens?

What are the disadvantages of microwave ovens?

The development of technology has made a qualitative leap in our lives, the kitchen facilities have gradually undergone an enormous change. Unknowingly, our kitchen has been occupied by technological equipment. The appearance of the microwave oven has brought great convenience to our lives. Simple and efficient cooking methods have been harvested countless family recognition.

As kitchen equipment, microwave ovens, like most appliances, are not perfect, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of microwave ovens?

What is the advantage and disadvantage of microwave?

The microwave oven is a very high use of a device which can cook various food with fast cooking speed. But there are certain limitations, such as cooking food quality deterioration and cooking cookware is not safe, etc., but in general, the advantages of the microwave oven are much greater than the disadvantages.

What are the advantages of microwave ovens?

The microwave heating time of the microwave oven is short, and it is very easy to control, and it will not cause uneven heating and overheating. The heating temperature is not very high, much lower than frying and other heating methods. So it can effectively reduce the high-temperature heating of food carcinogens, such as heterocyclic amines formed by overheating of proteins, and acrylamide formed by overheating of starchy foods, etc.

The time required for microwave heating is very short, heating efficiency is very high, food out of water is very little. In reaching ripe conditions, the vitamin loss rate is much lower than other heating methods.

In addition, microwave ovens can achieve a variety of uses, such as defrosting food, drying food, sterilization, etc., has very high efficiency, the time required is very short, you can cook a variety of foods. In sterilization, and even use microwave ovens to sterilize towels, rags, and other items.

What are the disadvantages of microwave ovens?

Because the microwave oven works by using electromagnetic waves, there will be electromagnetic radiation. And the electromagnetic radiation of the microwave oven is higher than the ordinary small appliances or large appliances electromagnetic radiation, so if you often use the microwave oven will have an impact on human health.

In addition, when using microwave ovens to heat food, the moisture and nutrient content of food will be changed. It will reduce the nutritional value of microwave food by 60% to 90%, including minerals and biochemical enzymes, vitamins B, C, and E, and anti-fat bile substances. Even the nutrient content of protein is also reduced.

Microwave ovens bring very great convenience to our daily lives. Although there are also certain limitations, today, more and more families are using microwave ovens. Microwave ovens have a growing impact on modern society.

Most consumers are aware of microwave ovens for home use, but they are also essential in commercial activities and industrial production and occupy a vital position in many industries.

Industrial Microwave Food Proce is an important presence in the food processing industry, with a wide range of applications and far-reaching effects. It has helped many companies at home and abroad improve their production level and expand their market scale.

The Industrial Microwave Food Proce is reliable, smooth, highly automated, with a small footprint, and can process and produce a wide range of food products with high-quality standards in terms of color and flavor.

After many experiments, we effectively control the production cost of the equipment and give the majority of customers the lowest price. If you want to know more information about microwave ovens, welcome to contact us, looking forward to jointly promoting the development of the food processing industry!

What is a commercial grade microwave?

What is a commercial grade microwave? How much is your INDUSTRIAL MicroWave Food Proce? If you are interested, let’s take a look at the content below.

The commercial microwave oven is heated by microwave in a non-contact manner. Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional processes. And the effect is more remarkable. The characteristics of microwave heating make the material surface and the inside heat in the heat, fast heating, high work efficiency. While drying dehydration, microwave can also achieve the purpose of sterilizing food.

Features of the food grade microwave:

1, Industrial MicroWave Food Proce almost no waste, high efficiency.
2, PLC computer control system for high precision control of dry humidity, temperature, and time.
3, keep fresh, bactericidal temperature, can protect the nutrients in the food.
4, the microwave oven is easy to control, can be used for continuous drying food, simple operation, saving manual.
5, the material contains easy to absorb microwave heat, and therefore, there is no other thermal loss in addition to a small amount of transmission loss. Therefore, heat efficiency is higher, more energy saving. And heats energy saving than far infrared rays 1/3.

Microwave oven work process:

The microwave oven is a cooking appliance that uses food to absorb microwave energy in the microwave field. The microwave generated by the microwave oven microwave generator establishes a microwave electric field in the microwave oven, and takes certain measures to make this microwave electric field as evenly distributed in the furnace chamber, put food into the microwave electric field, controlled its cooking time by the control center. And microwave electric field strength to make a variety of cooking processes.

Differences between commercial microwaves and home microwaves:

Commercial microwaves refer to microwave cavity and powerful microwave oven, and power is generally over 6KW, the device (transformer, magnetron, diode, capacitance, cavity door, waveguide, etc.) is industrial, can be continuous 24 hours of production, mainly used in the experimental equipment and production of research institutes, can be used in the heating, sterilization, drying, baking, catalysis, and extraction.

The power of the household microwave is only around 500 w to 1000W, which is a modern cooking cooker that uses food to absorb microwave energy in the microwave field. It is a modern cooking cookware that is home to cook rice. The furnace cavity is also small. Can put a disc of a disc, there is still a long time, such as long working, easy to burn the electrical appliance.

Composition of commercial level microwave:

Commercial grade microwaves are multi-pipe tunnel microwaves composed of microwave heaters, microwave generators, microwave suppressors, mechanical transmission mechanisms, exhaust wetting systems, and automatic control systems.

Microwave dryer application:

  1. Chemical raw materials, pills or pills, such as water pills, water honey pills, honey pills, concentrated pills, Tibeta, etc.
    2, various tea, herbs, flowers, green leaves, etc.
    3, various dry meat, such as beef, pork, chicken, duck, fish, etc.
  2. Powder of various raw materials, such as fragrances, other food additives.
    5, agricultural products such as jujube, nuts, grain, peanuts, etc.
    6, snacks, fruit seeds, cereals, peanuts, potato chips, etc.

Commercial grade microwave is a new type of drying equipment with high production efficiency and low operating costs, is also an efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment, especially for foods with sterilization and preservation function when drying. The main components of the equipment are manufactured by 304 # stainless steel, in line with the pharmaceutical equipment GMP standard, the whole machine adopts modular design, easy to clean, easy to operate. The equipment has been widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, building materials and other industries.

Why do food items need packaging?

What is food packaging?

Why does food need packaging?

How to improve the quality of food packaging?

No matter what type of food we buy, we can find a packaging layer outside the food. Some are bag-type packaging, some are carton-type packaging, packaging in various forms, and even sometimes the value of the packaging is much higher than the value of the food itself, which many consumers do not understand.

The packaging seems to be more and more important in the food processing industry. So why do manufacturers pay so much attention to food packaging, and why do foods need packaging?

First, let us understand what food packaging is?

The so-called food packaging simply means that the packaging is used as a carrier, container, and the food is sealed and packaged, and then the color of the pattern is printed on the outer layer of the package. The color of the design depends on the type of food and what the company wants to display. Because of the property of “food,” it is necessary to ensure the safety of packaging, non-toxic. The most commonly used food packaging materials are PP, PE, aluminum foil, PET, etc.

Food packaging is the last step in the modern food processing industry, and is one of the most important steps, both for the food and the factory, has a vital significance.

Why do food items need packaging?

1. Protect food and extend the shelf life of food

2. The packaging makes the food more convenient for circulation

3. Special packaging technology to avoid contamination of food

4. Promote the rational and planned distribution of food

5. Promote competition and sales of food products

The most direct meaning of food packaging is to play a protective role of food. The packaged food reduces the contact with the outside and will not cause damage to the appearance quality of the food during transportation. At the same time, food in the packaging will be used sterilization, refrigeration, and other technologies, can effectively prevent the occurrence of food spoilage, retain the nutrition in the food, and extend the shelf life.

Packaged food is more convenient to circulate. Especially some liquid food or fragile food, it can be transported to more distant places after packaging to promote the exchange of food between different regions. More consumers can taste the different flavors of different regions.

In addition, some fresh foods are very rancid and are not easy to transport far away. Such as fruits and aquatic products,  packaging can effectively reduce waste and increase the variety of foods after being made into various cans in the production area. Canned goods are less expensive to transport and require lower transportation conditions than fresh food directly, so it can effectively promote the rational and planned distribution of food.

Quality packaging can attract more consumers, further enhance the brand’s image, and promote the development of enterprises, so many manufacturers are now putting a lot of effort into the packaging of food to expand the market scale further.

How to improve the quality of food packaging?

In order to improve the quality of food packaging, in addition to having a more attractive design that can fully highlight the characteristics of the food and corporate image, it is also necessary to use more high-quality equipment. Only equipment with superior performance can fully display the design concept and further improve the quality of packaging.

The food packaging line is the equipment that many manufacturers use now, with superior performance, making a great contribution to manufacturers to improve economic efficiency.

The food packaging line is a new machine developed by our engineers after repeated tests and summing up the advanced experience at home and abroad. It has a very high-cost performance. The whole line is reliable, long-lasting, compact, with a small footprint and easy to clean, and can achieve a high degree of automation and high efficiency and quality.

We can provide customized services. You only need to tell us your packaging needs. Our engineers will communicate with you, tailor the most suitable packaging equipment for you, and contribute a small force to your processing and production.

If you want to buy a high-quality packaging equipment, welcome to contact us, win-win cooperation is our goal, looking forward to your arrival!

How can packaging efficiency be improved?

The last step in the modern food processing industry is often packaging, and packaging has a crucial significance. Packaging can effectively extend the shelf life of food. It can further improve the quality of food, good packaging can also enhance the brand’s image, so now many manufacturers are working on packaging.

High-efficiency and high-quality packaging is the goal that all manufacturers are pursuing. So how can manufacturers further improve the efficiency of packaging?

How can packaging efficiency be improved?

Packaging is the last step in modern food processing, has a vital role. Good packaging can maximize the quality of the product. Suppose you want to improve the efficiency of packaging. The most direct method is to use automated means so that not only the efficiency of packaging can be effectively improved, but the quality of packaging can also be effectively improved.

Mechanized production has become the most common way in all industries, as the food processing industry is. A highly automated production method can improve the efficiency and quality of production, and in the packaging process, manufacturers will use food packaging line for packaging.

What is a packaging line?

A packaging line is a general term for a system, and usually, manufacturers have a packaging line of their own. The packaging line is composed of several different packaging machines and conveyor belts. The products in production or already processed are transported to the packaging line for packaging and processing, and then sent out to become the final product.

With such a production line, the efficiency of packaging will be effectively enhanced. After having a highly automated production line, you should also consider the following aspects:

1. Planning the packaging design

2. Understanding the packaging efficiency of the equipment

3. Collect data

4. Analyze space usage

5. Communicate performance targets to your team

When the packaging equipment has very superior performance, but the actual production can not keep up, it will cause a waste of resources. So the rational use of resources is very important, which requires you to balance all aspects of the packaging.

Many manufacturers will put packaging planning in the last step, which is not correct. You must have a clear packaging plan from the beginning, considering the packaging cost, target market, and other factors to proceed.

Highly automated packaging equipment has a very high production rate, which is likely to cause your staff fails to keep up with the speed of the machine. So you should accurately understand the packaging efficiency of the equipment and use a reasonable number of employees to prevent product accumulation.

You should also collect more data, including the packing speed of the machine, the time it takes to pack, the number of damaged products, etc. This data will help you adjust the packing process better and further increase your production capacity.

It is also essential to analyze your available space. Receiving, picking, packing, and shipping should take up 40-50% of the area, and product storage should use the remainder. If you have less space and more efficient packaging, it will make your storage a problem.

Once all the problems in packaging have been solved, you should communicate performance targets to your team so they will further improve productivity and make your business run more regularly.

Improving the efficiency of packaging is the goal of every manufacturer, which means increased efficiency in food production and a larger market size. The use of professional equipment is necessary, and quality equipment will be welcomed by more manufacturers.

The food packaging line is a well-known new equipment in the industry, with very high production efficiency, highly automated production methods, and the application of PLC control system, effectively reducing manual intervention, making the production more standardized, standard, and has a high-quality packaging.

The production line is made of high-quality materials and components, long-lasting and durable, ideal for manufacturers to reduce costs and improve profits.

If you also need high-quality packaging equipment, welcome to contact us. We can provide customized services to provide you with the most satisfying packaging equipment!

Is corn flakes good for high blood pressure?

Are corn flakes good for high blood pressure?

Do corn flakes cause high blood pressure?

What types of corn flakes are good for high blood pressure?

With the rise of the health craze, more and more people are pursuing a healthy diet, and coarse grains have become the most popular food. Corn is a globally recognized “golden food” that is rich in nutrients and has many benefits for our health.

Foods made from corn are also widely popular, with corn flakes becoming the most popular breakfast cereal. Corn is known to be good for controlling high blood pressure and is an ideal ingredient for people with high blood pressure, so are corn flakes also good for high blood pressure?

Is corn flakes good for high blood pressure?

Corn flakes are a very popular breakfast cereal that can be consumed with milk, which is very convenient and has a high nutritional value. However, there are many different kinds of cornflakes, and although the general public believes that cornflakes are a very healthy food, this is not the case.

For people with high blood pressure, many contraindications in their diet can easily aggravate their condition if they do not eat properly, and in this case, people with high blood pressure should avoid cornflakes.

Can corn flakes cause high blood pressure?

Most of the corn flakes sold in the market today have a lot of sugar added to them, which makes them richer in taste, but there are also obvious disadvantages.

Especially for people with high blood pressure, although sugar does not directly affect high blood pressure, it has an indirect effect. If you consume too much sugar, sugar will be converted into fat in the body, and the increase in fat will make you gain weight. Once the body is obese, it will increase blood lipids and increase blood viscosity, which is very bad for people with hypertension.

Therefore, consuming cornflakes will indirectly cause your hypertension to become very unpromising. In fact, there are many different types of cornflakes, and people with high blood pressure who love cornflakes need to choose some healthy ones to eat.

What type of cornflakes is good for high blood pressure?

In order to meet the public’s demand for a healthy diet, some manufacturers have produced some corn flakes without added sugar, which is very beneficial to patients with hypertension and does not increase the risk of hypertension.

When buying, you should note that sweet corn flakes are yellowish-brown, while light corn flakes are brownish yellow, so if you like to eat the salty ones, buy yellow corn flakes.

Another critical point is that you must pay attention to the amount of cornflakes you consume. If you consume it in moderation every day, it will not harm your body, but if you consume it in excess, it will make your body very unhealthy, and people with high blood pressure will also face a very serious test.

Corn flakes are still very hot today, and many people love them. As a breakfast cereal, corn flakes have an extensive market prospect and huge development potential, attracting more and more manufacturers to enter the industry and realizing their value in the breakfast cereal industry.

If you want to get higher sales of corn flakes, you must use better quality equipment, further improve the production process, and improve the quality of corn flakes to attract more consumers.

Corn Flake Production Line is a piece of very well-known food machinery, has a very superior performance. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel. Components are used by the international famous brand components, have a very high quality, can achieve continuous 24h operation, no quality problems, operation and maintenance are also very simple.

Corn Flake Production Line has a high production efficiency, no human intervention in the production process, and the price is relatively low. Manufacturers can get the highest return with the least investment, which is ideal for manufacturers to expand the market scale.

We will recommend the most suitable equipment for you and provide you with the most comprehensive service to make your processing and production more smooth.

How does a food extruder work?

What are the advantages of food extruders?

What is the classification of food extruders?

In the modern food processing industry, technology and mechanization are the mainstream melody of development. The food industry is in great demand, and only a fast and efficient production method can meet the needs of consumers. Food extrusion technology has become the most common process in food processing, which can ensure efficient and high-quality production.

Food extruders have almost become one of the necessary equipment for food processing plants to provide manufacturers with quality food at a good price, so manufacturers are looking for the best performing extruders to expand their markets. So what is the principle of the food extruder to make it popular?

How does a food extruder work?

Food extruder is one of the most common equipment in the food processing industry. Its main principle of operation is the screw in the high-speed rotation of the feeder mixture to the head part; in the extruder, under the high-temperature heating, powder and granular materials are quickly melted. When the material is sent to the machine head, under the strong thrust of the screw, it is extruded into the shape of the machine mouth when it passes through the machine mouth and finally cut to form the final food.

In the production process, the food extrusion process will change the structure and shape of the material in a short time. It can gelatinize the starch and denature protein, destroy most of the anti-nutritional factors and toxic ingredients in the raw materials. It can inactivate the activity of enzymes that can cause food deterioration. Therefore, the food produced has a unique taste and Very high nutrition.

By using this principle, food extruders can produce a wide range of foods such as macaroni, snack foods, puffed foods, pet foods, and rice flour for babies or the elderly, which are very relevant to our lives.

In addition to producing high-quality food products, food extruders have many advantages that make them one of the most popular machines in the food processing industry.

What are the advantages of the food extruder?

1. The production process realizes a continuous process of high temperature and short cooking time, so the production time is short, and the production efficiency is high.

2. It can destroy harmful microorganisms and anti-nutritional enzymes, thus retaining most of the nutrition in the material.

3. Less waste and high yield can effectively save raw materials.

4. Highly automated production method makes the labor cost low.

5. Small space required for unit operation and small footprint.

6. No pollution to the environment, can realize green production.

7. The transmission system is stable, safe, reliable, durable, and has a low failure rate.

In addition, the food extruder also has very many advantages. Because of its superior performance, it can become one of the devices that are not available to major manufacturers.

The food extruder is divided into the single-screw extruder and twin-screw extruder, and different extruders are suitable for different production methods.

The single-screw unit is less noisy in operation but has a smaller capacity. The twin-screw unit has a large range of cooling capacity, and the unit’s performance is basically similar, so there are more twin-screw units used in the market. While single-screw extruders are suitable for general material extrusion processing, twin-screw extruders are more stable.

Food extruders are very different in structure, power, and mouth shape. For different manufacturers, the equipment needed is different because of the different production needs, so it is vital to choose the one that best meets the actual production needs.

Food Extruder Machine is a new type of equipment developed by our engineers combining advanced technology at home and abroad, with very superior performance. The food produced is nutritious and rich in taste, widely popular in the market, the equipment has now been exported to many countries and regions around the world.

Food Extruder Machine is made of 304 stainless steel, stable quality, durable, easy to operate and maintain, and very high-cost performance. It can also be customized to provide more convenience for manufacturers’ production, which is ideal for manufacturers to reduce costs and increase profits.

If you also want to get more development in the food processing industry, let your business flourish, then welcome to contact us. We will be happy to serve you!

Can you eat corn flakes daily?

Can eating cornflakes bring health to the body?

Can we consume cornflakes every day?

Breakfast cereal is now a trendy breakfast food. For many working people, breakfast cereal in the morning is the most convenient and quick choice. And the emergence of breakfast cereal is also the inevitable trend of the development of the times and the rapid development of today’s society brand of the times.

The most popular breakfast cereals are corn flakes, which are very crispy and have the fragrance of corn. In addition, it is very convenient to eat, so many consumers love it. But nothing is perfect, so can we eat corn flakes every day?

Can eating corn flakes bring health to the body?

Cornflakes are a new type of breakfast cereal that is easy to eat and nutritious and can be eaten not only for breakfast but also processed into some other foods that are widely welcomed by the public.

However, cornflakes are highly processed food, and the process can cause nutritional loss. Just as fresh fruits and vegetables lose nutrients when cooked, so do cornflakes.

Therefore, cornflakes are not the healthiest breakfast food, but studies have found that eating cornflakes in the morning is much better than not eating anything at all. Cornflakes can provide energy to meet your brain work so that you won’t feel too tired. Also, cornflakes are relatively inexpensive, making them a great choice for breakfast for most people.

Because of this, many people choose to eat corn flakes every day, but is this okay?

It is precise because of this that many people choose to eat corn flakes every day. Is this okay?

Can you eat corn flakes daily?

Of course, the answer is yes, but in small amounts and moderation.

If you eat little corn flakes every day, it is the same as eating an apple or a glass of milk every day, providing you with some nutrition and will not affect your health.

But if you eat a lot of it every day, it will have some negative effects on you. Corn flakes have high sugar content, so eating a lot of corn flakes will make you consume a lot of sugar, and the accumulation of fat will cause you to gain weight, get tooth decay, and cause high blood pressure, high blood fats, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, you can eat corn flakes every day, but please keep them in moderation, and it is best to add some fresh nuts, fruits, and vegetables to your corn flakes to make your nutritional intake more balanced.

In addition, you should maintain a proper daily diet. Corn flakes should only be eaten for breakfast or as a snack, not as a meal, and reasonable daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, meat, and other foods will make your body healthier.

In fact, cornflakes are perfect for breakfast. They are very filling and convenient, which is the main reason why they are so popular today. The market demand for cornflakes is so high, and the market outlook is so good that more and more manufacturers are producing cornflakes.

Nowadays, consumers have higher and higher requirements for corn flakes. Only high-quality and cheap corn flakes can gain more loyal customers. Using Corn Flake Production Line will help manufacturers further reduce production costs and improve the final quality of corn flakes.

We are a professional food machinery manufacturer with many years of experience in R&D and production. Our Corn Flake Production Line has been exported to Singapore, Japan, Canada, and the United States, helping many manufacturers expand their market and gaining many good reviews.

In order to let manufacturers reduce the production cost of corn flakes, our engineers have spent a lot of effort. After repeated research, we finally effectively reduced the production cost of the equipment and could give manufacturers more favorable prices. In addition, the production line has the most advanced extrusion technology, and the performance is very superior, has a very high production efficiency and production quality.

If you also want to buy a piece of equipment to make your production more advanced, welcome to contact us. We will be happy to serve you!

How many types of extruder are there?

An extruder is the main machine of an extrusion line, which plasticizes and conveys materials and provides the required pressure for the products. Extruders exist as the main equipment for processing many types of products and have been widely used in many countries and China. And have become a series of machinery products with many specifications. There are many extruder types, and the relevant parameters express their range of use and performance indicators.

So how many types of extruder are there?

We can classify Extruders into twin-screw extruders, single-screw extruders, and, less frequently, multi-screw extruders and screwless extruders. The screw extruder relies on the pressure and shear force generated by the rotation of the screw, which allows the material to be fully plasticized and uniformly mixed, and then molded through the mouth die.

The classification of extruders is as follows´╝Ü

1, according to the number of screws, can divide it into single-screw, twin-screw, and multi-screw extruder.

2, according to whether the exhaust can divide into the exhaust and non-exhaust extruder.

3, according to the position of the screw, can be divided into vertical and horizontal extruders.

In the extruder, in general, the most basic and common is the single-screw extruder. Its main components include transmission, charging device, barrel, screw, head, mouth die, and other six parts. The twin-screw extruder has the characteristics of less heat generated by friction, more uniform shear to which the material suffers, larger conveying capacity of the screw, more stable extrusion volume, long stay of the material in the barrel, and uniform mixing, etc. It is also more widely used.

Differences between the two types of extruders:

Single-screw machine and twin-screw machine: one is a screw, one is two screws, a motor drives both, the power varies depending on the screw, the output is related to and screw, the production of a single screw is only half.

The twin-screw extruder has forced extrusion, high quality, wide adaptability, long life, low shear rate. The material is not easy to decompose, mixing and good plasticizing performance, direct powder molding, and other characteristics. The temperature is self-control, vacuum exhaust, and other devices. Therefore, it is suitable for the production of products such as tubes, plates, shaped materials.

Single-screw extruder, whether as plasticizing granulation machinery or molding processing machinery, occupies an important position. At present, single-screw extruder has a great development. The main sign of the development of a single-screw extruder is the development of its key components – screw. Recently, people have conducted a lot of theoretical and experimental research on the screw. There are nearly 100 kinds of screws, common separation type, shear-type, barrier type, diversion type, and wave type.

From the perspective of single screw development, although the single-screw extruder has been near perfect, with the continuous development of polymer materials and plastic products, the new screw and special single-screw extruder will be more characteristics. In general, the single-screw extruder to high-speed, high-efficiency, specialized direction.

Twin-screw extruders have good feeding characteristics, suitable for powder processing. In addition, they have better mixing, exhaust, reaction, and self-cleaning functions than single-screw extruders, characterized by the poor thermal stability of the processing of plastics and co-mingled materials to show their superiority. In recent years, domestic and foreign twin-screw extruders have been a great development. Various forms of twin-screw extruders have been serialized and commercialized, producing more manufacturers. As a result, it will develop more and more perfectly.

The Food Extruder Machine currently on the market is mainly a twin-screw extruder that can produce various uncoated, coated or sandwich cereal snacks with multiple formulations and shapes. Food Extruder Machines use twin-screw extrusion technology and are highly flexible. Therefore, they can be easily converted into machines to process new products such as sandwich products, cornflake snacks, or crumb snacks with just a few easy additions to auxiliary equipment.

Food Extruder Machine uses corn, rice, wheat, oats, barley, etc., as raw material to make snacks. The grains are cooked in the extruder by the friction between screw and barrel. And the forming is done at the die face tool. The combination of die apertures determines the shape of the product. By adjusting the dies in the extruder, the machine can provide various forms such as spheres, tubes, bars, rings, fruit rings, stars, wheels, flowers, and hearts.

Among several types of extruders, screw extruders are using widely, and twin-screw extruders are the best extrusion equipment for foodstuffs, bringing many conveniences and high economic benefits to food processing enterprises. We believe that with the development of science and technology, extruders will have a broad development prospect.

What is the healthiest cereal to eat?

What are the healthiest cereals?

What are the best breakfast cereals to consume?

What are the benefits of corn flakes for the human body?

Health and wellness have become the craze of the new era, and health has now become the preferred condition when people are choosing food. Various kinds of cereals have become the favorites of the new generation. Coarse grains cereals are generally considered to be highly beneficial to health, and therefore, there are now more and more of them.

The use of these coarse grains cereals can be made into many different types of cereals, but there is always some nutrition that will be lost in the process of processing. So for friends who are pursuing a green diet, which grain food is the healthiest and most worthy of consumption?

What is the healthiest cereal to eat?

Cereal is a very healthy type of food, and regular consumption of cereal has great health benefits. And common cereals are brown rice, whole wheat bread, and breakfast cereals. Among them, the most suitable for everyone to eat is a variety of breakfast cereals.

Breakfast cereals are very rich in nutrients and very convenient to eat, so they are the most suitable food for people who are busy at work. They can be eaten in the shortest possible time and can also provide sufficient nutrition for the body. Hence, breakfast cereals are very popular now.

There are many types of breakfast cereals, such as cereal, oatmeal, and corn flakes.

So what is the best breakfast cereal to eat?

If you want to pick out the most popular breakfast cereal, many people will choose corn flakes. Corn flakes are made from corn as the primary raw material, long storage time, are easy to carry. It can be eaten directly by soaking milk, or corn flakes can be used as raw materials to make some other foods with a wide range of uses.

Corn flakes are now very popular and suitable for all ages. No matter which group they are in, they can accept it. Easy to eat and rich in nutrition are the biggest characteristics of corn flakes.

What are the benefits of cornflakes to the human body?

1. Research has found that the vitamin content of cornflakes is very high, 5-10 times higher than that of rice and wheat, which is highly beneficial to the human body.

2. Corn flakes are very rich in nutritional health substances. In addition to carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and carotenoids, corn also contains riboflavin, vitamins, and other nutrients. These substances are very beneficial in preventing diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

3. Corn flakes also contain seven anti-aging agents-calcium, glutathione, vitamins, magnesium, selenium, vitamin E, and fatty acids. These substances are useful for delaying aging, lowering serum cholesterol, preventing skin diseases, and reducing arteriosclerosis and Decline of brain function.

4. If your eyes are not very good, corn flakes are also very suitable for you, which is rich in luteinizing hormone, zeaxanthin, and other substances is an excellent supplement food to fight eye aging.

Therefore, cornflakes are the best healthy cereal for you to eat, with very rich nutrition, for your health has a lot of benefits, cornflakes are now a huge market demand for food.

However, consumers now have very high requirements for corn flakes, and only high-quality corn flakes can be accepted by consumers, which requires manufacturers to have a high production process to produce higher quality corn flakes.

Corn Flake Production Line is a very well-known food machine. Now it has exported to Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, Pakistan, and other countries with its superior performance, helping local customers further develop the market. The corn flakes produced have won consumers Recognition and received a relatively high evaluation.

The Corn Flake Production Line is reliable, high performance, made of stainless steel and components of famous international brands, which gives the equipment long service life. The whole line is compact, with a small footprint, and easy to clean. In addition, we can also provide customized services. If you have special production requirements, let us know your requirements, we will definitely solve them for you.

Corn flakes have an extensive market prospect; if you have any other information you want to know, welcome to contact us, we will be happy to serve you!

How can I improve the quality of my packaging?

What is food packaging?

How to improve the quality of packaging?

Food packaging seems to have become the most neglected existence in our daily life, yet food packaging is one of the most important aspects of the food processing industry. Quality packaging can further improve food quality and plays a vital role in enhancing the corporate image.

Manufacturers will spend more effort in the packaging of food just to improve the quality of food packaging. The improvement of packaging quality needs to be carried out from many aspects, so how to improve the quality of food packaging?

What is food packaging?

Food packaging refers to the use of appropriate packaging materials, containers, and packaging technology to wrap the food to maintain its original quality and value during transportation, storage, and circulation.

Food packaging is an essential step in the modern food processing industry and has a vital significance. High-quality food packaging can effectively extend the shelf life of food, make it easier to transport food, and is also very helpful for expanding the company’s reputation. Therefore, improving the quality of food packaging is one of the best measures to expand the market size.

How can I improve the quality of my packaging?

Some minor changes to the packaging of food can effectively improve the quality of food packaging and effectively reduce the cost of packaging. You can make improvements in packaging design, packaging technology and equipment, and packaging materials.

1. Redesign the packaging

Redesign your food packaging and redesign a package according to the characteristics of the food and brand image, which will make the product leave a deeper impression on consumers.

As with many well-known brands, their packaging is almost unchanged and has been deeply rooted in consumers’ mind. If you can design such packaging, then it is of great significance to improve brand awareness.

2. Choose the suitable packaging materials

Different foods should use different packaging methods, and the same is true for packaging materials. At the same time, it is worth noting that everything related to the brand shows the attitude and quality of the brand. Therefore, we should select packaging materials as high as possible, and at the same time, green packaging should be realized to avoid pollution to the environment.

3. Make the packaging consistent with the brand

Your packaging should reflect the concept of the brand everywhere, and the small surprises in the details are easier to impress consumers, so make the packaging highlight the advantages of food and become a part of your overall brand.

4. Improve packaging technology and equipment

The technical level of packaging will directly affect the quality of your packaging, and the packaging today has achieved a high degree of automation of processing methods. Packaging equipment with superior performance can effectively save the cost of maintenance, fuel, damaged products, lost time, etc. Please invest in equipment that uses the latest and most innovative technologies.

Newer technologies tend to be more efficient than outdated equipment because they can pack more food faster and more cost-effectively. While many people think that new equipment can be expensive, new equipment is cheaper to produce over time.

The food packaging line is a new type of equipment used by many well-known companies. It has a very high-cost performance. The packaging quality has been greatly improved compared with the previous machinery, and the packaging efficiency is even more satisfactory. The whole production line is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is durable and has a long service life, and is very easy to clean.

The production cost of the food packaging line is very low, the highly automated production method does not require manual intervention, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain. Moreover, after repeated experiments, our engineers have effectively reduced the production cost of the equipment based on ensuring the quality of the equipment. It is very beneficial to major enterprises, which means that you will get it at a lower price. Better equipment.

If you want to improve the quality of your food packaging, then welcome to contact us. We will provide you with the best quality service to help you improve production levels, expand the market scale!