What is a good substitute for baby formula?

Babies under one year old mainly use breast milk or formula milk powder in their daily diet. For babies, breast milk is the most natural food with the highest nutritional value. However, for various reasons, babies still need to drink some formula milk powder. But the price of this type of milk powder is also more expensive.
Many parents want to find a substitute for formula milk to feed their babies. So what is a good substitute for formula milk?

What is a good substitute for baby formula?

Mothers who are unable or unwilling to breastfeed may also want to know if there are natural alternatives to infant formula. In short, breast milk or infant formula is the only safe and appropriate main source of nutrition for infants under one year of age. But I regret to tell you that no perfect substitute has been found at present. If you want your baby to grow up healthily and safely. Please insist on breast milk or formula milk feeding.

Although parents can now obtain some homemade infant formula recipes through various channels.

This recipe is not a safe way to feed their babies. Commercial infant formula has undergone extensive research and comprehensive regulatory review and approval. Therefore, it is enough to ensure their nutrition and hygiene quality standards. And they are very healthy for the baby.

However, homemade infant formula has many risks.
Such as malnutrition, serious pollution, and damage to the baby’s health. Not only that, research has found that many homemade infant formula recipes are not developed by professional medical personnel and do not include medical treatment. Disclaimer. And it will use some high-risk ingredients, such as raw milk. So parents should avoid giving babies these kinds of foods.

Parents must adhere to the correct feeding principles when feeding the baby. And do not blindly listen to some incorrect words. It may cause problems with the baby’s health.When your baby is about 4 months old, you can appropriately add some complementary foods to your baby to replace infant formula milk powder.
But you should still use formula milk powder. The supplementary food is mainly rice noodles, vegetable puree and fruit puree. At this time, parents can make their own baby food. Choose fresh ingredients, wash and peel them, steam them in a pot. And then crush them into puree for their babies. NS.

However, you must pay attention to hygiene in the process of making. Separate the knife for cutting meat and vegetables. Wash your hands and disinfect before making. Store unfinished food in a sealed container and store it in the refrigerator. Don’t make too much at a time, so as not to Do not eat for a long time to breed bacteria.

Baby food sold in stores is the best choice for many busy parents.
These foods use professional food formulas, have balanced and comprehensive nutrition, have strict production standards, advanced technological processes. And have passed Professional inspections and market inspections are reliable baby food for parents.

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