What are the Disadvantages of Snacks?

Snacks are a large type of food, which can be seen everywhere in daily life. Snack Food Extruder Machine can produce various types of snacks. Generally speaking, snacks can be divided into three categories, original product snacks, preliminary processed snacks and deep processed snacks. Under normal circumstances, the original product snacks and pre-processed snacks are healthy snacks. Eating too much deep-processed snacks can easily lead to partial eclipse and obesity.

Eating snacks is both good and bad. Appropriate snacks are good for your health. When buying snacks, try to choose healthy snacks that suit you. We have talked about the benefits and selection methods of snacks before. Today, I will mainly talk about the disadvantages of eating snacks. This is also a reminder for those who love snacks. Come and take a look.

1. Excessive saccharin

Many snacks have high sugar content. In foods such as preserves, cakes, candies, and butter, a lot of saccharin is often added in the process of making in order to increase the sweetness. If you do not pay attention to the amount when eating, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort For liver metabolism problems, saccharin sodium will be hydrolyzed to form cycloethylamine, which is a carcinogenic threat.

2. Cause malnutrition

Most snacks lack vitamins and minerals. Snacks will also consume the body’s B vitamins to burn the sugars eaten. Decreased vitamins in the body will cause nervousness, energy loss and insomnia. Frequent snacks will make the human body. Lack of adequate nutritional supplements leads to malnutrition.

3. Lead to obesity

Almost all snacks will make people gain weight if you eat too much, such as sweets, chocolate, ice cream, etc. It’s even less suitable to eat more. These foods contain high calories, and the excess calories will be converted into fat and stored in fat cells to promote Fat cells are hypertrophy, and if things go on like this, a large amount of fat accumulates and leads to obesity.

  • High salt, high sugar hazards

Some snacks such as plum, dried tofu, etc. contain a lot of salt or sugar. Such snacks will increase the burden on the kidneys and pose a threat to the cardiovascular system.

  • Hazards of large amounts of trans fatty acids

Many foods on the market contain a lot of trans fatty acids. For example, the ingredients list of pastries, ice creams, and biscuits contain “vegetable butter” and “vegetable butter”. Excessive intake can damage the intelligence of children and children, endanger the heart, and even cause infertility.

6. The harm of excessive pigment

When some food processing plants produce snacks, in order to make the snacks look good, they often add excessive amounts of synthetic pigments, such as candies and puffed foods, because synthetic pigments are more harmful to the human body than natural pigments. Long-term or one-time excessive intake of these snacks can easily cause diarrhea and other symptoms, especially affecting the growth and development of children.

7. The harm of excessive preservatives

In order to ensure the preservative needs of snacks during transportation and storage, food preservatives, such as benzoic acid, nitrite, potassium sorbate, etc., are often added. These preservatives can inhibit bone growth to a certain extent and endanger the health of liver and kidneys.

The above are the main hazards of snacks. Although snacks are delicious, they should not be eaten more. There are many types of snacks produced by Snack Food Extruder Machine, and the quality is quite high. So when you choose, you can choose a variety of types of snacks. Eat some of all types of snacks to ensure that the human body can supplement more nutrients. Of course, the most important thing is to choose according to your own situation and control the intake of snacks.