How is Cheetos produced?

Different regions have different customs, and they also have their own unique cuisines, but casual puffed food can be said to be a kind of cuisine that is widely popular in the world. In the United States, the most popular puffed food is Cheetos, which is a cheese-flavored corn snack that has been widely welcomed by consumers.

Different puffed foods taste different tastes. The taste of Cheetos can be said to be very unique. So how does Cheetos make it? Is the process very complicated? Let us take a look together.

How is Cheetos produced?

Cheetah is a very popular snack food. There are many people who like to eat it, and its production process is also complicated. Cheetos uses corn as the main raw material, then adds some salt, edible flavors and coloring materials, and produces it through raw materials mixing, extrusion, separation, frying, deoiling, flavoring, cooling and packaging.

The specific production process of Cheetos:

When making Cheetos, the first step is to transport corn and other raw materials into the blender according to Cheetos’s formula. The formula has a very important meaning and is an important factor in determining the taste of Cheetos. After the raw materials are blended, they are mixed evenly.

After that, the prepared raw materials are transported into the Fried Cheetos Extruder Machine, where they are extruded and expanded. The heat and pressure from the screw will cause the raw materials to be heated and their moisture content to be rapidly reduced. Finally, they are passed through the mold. Cut to shape. If you want to produce other shapes or odd lengths, you only need to change the mold.

Next, Cheetos will be transported into the separation drum. This equipment can disperse Cheetos and effectively prevent Cheetos from sticking together and affecting the final quality.

The deep fryer will deep-fry the Cheetos at a high temperature. After frying, the Cheetos will become more golden and crispy and look more attractive. In order to reduce its oil content and no longer taste greasy, it needs to be de-oiled. Deoiling in the machine.

At this time, the temperature of Cheetos is relatively high. If it is directly packaged, it will re-moisturize and become soft in the packaging bag, which will greatly affect the taste and may also burn the packaging bag. Therefore, it needs to be cooled in the cooling line.

After the cooling is completed, the packaging machine can be used for fully automated packaging, further extending its shelf life.

The above is the specific production process of Cheetos. The extrusion process is one of the more important processes. The quality of the extrusion technology can be said to affect the final quality of Cheetos to a large extent. Therefore, many manufacturers will choose high-quality Extrusion equipment to carry out production.

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The fried Cheetos extruder has a very high cost performance, low price, only one-tenth of the large equipment, but the quality is very outstanding, reliable quality, stable operation, high degree of automation, and the produced Cheetos has a rich taste. Cheetos deeply recognized by consumers, is a trustworthy choice for the majority of manufacturers.