How to make corn flakes?

Corn flakes is a very popular breakfast cereal, which often appears on people’s tables, especially for people who are more urgent in time. Corn flakes are the best choice, not only convenient for eating, but also sufficient for the body. Nutrition, so corn flakes have a high sales volume.

Nowadays, many people want to make their own corn flakes, but they don’t know how to make it. We are a professional corn flakes maker. Next, we will introduce you how to make corn flakes and let you have fun in cooking.

How to make corn flakes?

Corn flakes is a representative food among breakfast cereals. There are many people who like to eat. Corn flakes are usually made in two ways. One is homemade corn flakes, and the other is produced by food manufacturers using professional equipment. , We have used the Corn Flakes Production Line to process corn flakes after many inspections. The production efficiency and production quality have been significantly improved. The following two methods of making corn flakes will be introduced for you.

How to make homemade corn flakes:

First, mix corn flour, salt, sugar, etc. You can add your favorite ingredients, such as condensed milk, etc. After adding water, stir these ingredients into a batter. Remember that you must not make the batter too thick.

Next, spread the tin foil on the oven tray and spray a thin layer of oil. Then pour the batter onto the tin foil and spread it evenly. The thinner the spread, the better.

Then mix the water with the corn flour, this time make it thicker, stir it into breadcrumbs, and sprinkle it on the batter. Place the tray in the preheated oven and bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.

After baking, take out the tray, break the batter into small pieces after cooling, and bake again for about 45 minutes, until the corn flakes become golden and crispy, so that it is ready to eat.

Homemade corn flakes can let you experience the joy of cooking. If you want to pursue a richer taste, or if you don’t have time to make it, you can buy corn flakes made by professional food processing plants. The production and processing technology of these corn flakes requires More professional and standard.

The process flow of the factory using the corn flakes production line to produce corn flakes:

First, add water to the raw materials in the blender and mix them evenly. The factory uses richer raw materials and more professional formulas, so the quality of the corn flakes produced will be higher.

The uniformly stirred raw materials are transported into the extruder to be extruded. Only by changing the mold, corn flakes of different shapes, such as round, tube, star, triangle, and square shapes can be produced. After that, the corn flakes will be pre-dried so that the corn flakes will not stick together, and then compressed to make the corn flakes smoother.

Next, the corn flakes need to be roasted at a high temperature to make them golden in color and crispy taste, which further improves the quality of corn flakes. As consumers now have higher and higher requirements for corn flakes, they need to be seasoned according to market requirements. The pieces are made into different flavors.

The last step is to use the packaging machine for packaging.

The above are the two methods of making corn flakes. With the help of the Corn Flakes Production Line, our production process has made great progress. The corn flakes produced are more popular in the market. We very much recognize this production line. I am also very grateful to the manufacturers for providing us with equipment with such superior performance. I believe that we will gain a broader market and become a leading company in the industry!