What are the refinery products?

Oil is an essential source of energy in our daily life. Whether it is oil or cooking oil, it is closely related to us. The process of getting oil is not simple and usually requires the use of a relatively complex refining process. Especially in the smelting of oil, the process is even more profound and complex.

No matter what kind of oil smelting, in the process of refining will produce some other substances, and these substances are not waste, but on the contrary, have multiple uses, so what are the products of oil refining?

What are the refinery products?

Professional technical article The top 10 refining production lines for cost performance in 2021 shows that oil plays a significant role in our lives, whether it is oil or vegetable oil, in the smelting process will produce some other substances. Typical products in oil are gasoline, diesel, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, etc., while vegetable oil in the refining process usually produces some soybean meal, rapeseed meal, etc.

Petroleum and vegetable oil will have different products in the refining process. After processing and refining, the products that can be obtained from petroleum can be roughly divided into four categories.

I. Petroleum fuels

Petroleum fuels are the most used oil products and can be divided into the following five categories according to their use and scope of use.

1. Ignition engine fuels include aviation gasoline, automotive gasoline, etc.

2. Jet engine fuel (jet fuel) has aviation kerosene.

3. compression-ignition engine fuel (diesel fuel) has high-speed, medium-speed, low-speed diesel.

4. Liquefied petroleum gas fuel that is a liquid hydrocarbon.

5. Boiler fuel has furnace fuel oil and fuel oil for ships.

II. Lubricating oil and grease

Lubricants and greases are used to reduce friction between machine parts, protect them in order to prolong their service life, and save power. Their quantity only accounts for about 5% of all petroleum products, but there are many varieties of them.

III. Bitumen and petroleum coke

They are further processed from the production of fuels and lubricants, and their output is about a few percent of the crude oil processed.

VI. solvents and petrochemicals

The latter is an essential basic raw material and intermediate for the organic synthesis industry.

As for the refining process of some vegetable oils, many products can be produced in the refining process. Taking the standard soybean oil as an example, depending on the technical level of enterprises, some enterprises can produce several kinds of products, while others can produce dozens of by-products.

1. Primary by-products.

Soybean meal, phospholipids, soybean hulls, germ, etc. If there is refining, it will also produce deodorized effluent.

2. Reprocessed products.

A little more processing can produce fatty acid methyl ester, vitamin E, etc.

3. Deep-processed products.

Sterols, saponins, monoglycerides, oligosaccharides, isoflavones, tocopherols, etc.

Therefore, no matter which oil is refined, it will bring us a lot of beneficial by-products. For ordinary people, the refining industry that they can directly contact and participate in is refining vegetable oil. You just need to choose a high-quality Refining oil production line and then use relatively high-quality raw materials; you can produce high-quality edible oil.

Nowadays, there are various ways to refine edible oil.

1. Pressing method of the oil production process

Peanut fruit as an example: cleaning → shelling → crushing → embryo rolling → steaming → pressing → peanut crude oil (gross oil)

2. Leaching method of the oil production process

Take soybean as an example: cleaning → crushing → softening → embryo rolling → leaching → evaporation → steam extraction → soybean crude oil (gross oil)

3. Oil refining process

Crude oil (crude oil) → filtration → hydration (degumming) → alkali refining (deacidification) → decolorization → deodorization → finished product.

Refining oil production line is the food machinery used by many famous enterprises. The production line is made of food-grade stainless steel, durable, easy to operate and maintain, and the whole production line only needs 1-2 people to complete the production, low labor costs. In addition, the production line is inexpensive, and manufacturers can get the highest return with the lowest investment, but also can get a lot of by-products. We can also provide manufacturers with a variety of different power equipment to meet the production needs of manufacturers.

If you also want to get a more outstanding achievement in the oil refining industry, welcome to contact us. We will provide you with the most satisfactory service.

Why are corn flakes bad for you?

Breakfast seems to have become the most unimportant meal of the day, often rushing out to work in the morning and too late to eat breakfast, when cornflakes become the best choice for the public. As we all know, cornflakes are made from corn and are easy to eat, so they have become a favorite breakfast food.

Although cornflakes are made from corn, which is known to be a very healthy coarse food, after making it into cornflakes, it is not so healthy, and more and more people are aware of this. Why are cornflakes harmful to the human body?

Why are corn flakes bad for you?

The professional technical article the top 8 corn flake production lines by sales in 2021 shows that cornflakes are not healthy although a very popular breakfast cereal. Cornflakes are high in sugar, and if you consume a lot of them, it will put a heavy burden on your body, which can cause a series of health problems.

The basic ingredients of corn flakes are corn flour, sugar, corn syrup, and malt flavoring, which are very rich in sugar. If you eat this high sugar content food regularly, it will raise your blood sugar level, cause hypertension, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. And will make you gain weight inadvertently. For people who want to lose weight through cornflakes, this obviously overweights the gain.

Many people add honey and milk to cornflakes to enhance their flavor, which significantly increases the sugar content. Although our cells need glucose to survive, too much sugar can lead to many health problems, including tooth decay and heart health problems.

In addition, processed foods with high sugar content fall under the category of high glycemic foods and therefore increase the chances of developing diabetes. Unfortunately, cornflakes have a very high glycemic index, and such a high glycemic index in cornflakes will lead to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Therefore, just from the factor of high sugar content in cornflakes, cornflakes can pose many health risks.

It must be mentioned that the nutritional content of cornflakes is not balanced. Because they are highly processed food, the raw materials’ nutrition is lost during the production process, and the protein and vitamin content are deficient. So long-term consumption of cornflakes will cause you malnutrition and lead to a series of problems.

But cornflakes are indeed a very convenient breakfast cereal that brings us great convenience. It is recommended that you do the following when consuming cornflakes to ensure your health.

How to consume cornflakes:

1. Use only milk to brew, do not add honey and other foods with high sugar content to cornflakes, and strictly control sugar intake.

2. Add some fresh fruits and vegetables, and eggs when consuming to make the nutrition more comprehensive.

3. Do not overeat at breakfast. Eat-in moderation and wait for lunch to arrive.

4. It is best to eat only at breakfast, do not take it as a snack to eat a lot.

No matter what type of food you eat, there is no benefit to consuming large amounts of it. You should eat corn flakes in moderation and keep your diet varied to keep your body healthy.

Corn flakes are still a very popular breakfast cereal, especially in some European and American countries. They are a breakfast food in almost every household, and the market is huge. Producing more high-quality and healthy food is a new requirement for consumers.

The Corn Flake Production Line will be of great help to manufacturers and is the key to reducing production costs, improving production quality, expanding market size, and gaining higher economic efficiency. The machine has a small footprint, high automation, easy operation and maintenance, low investment cost, and can produce many different breakfast kinds of cereal; we can also provide you with different power models.

If you need it, please contact us, we will provide you with the most cost-effective Corn Flake Production Line.

What is extruder machine used for?

Technology is the first productive force, the progress of science and technology to promote the development of all walks of life, food processing industry is also the same. In the rapid growth of society, consumer demand is also increasing, fast and efficient production of high-quality food is a must for every manufacturer. Therefore, the traditional manual processing has been gradually eliminated by the times, replaced by various food processing machinery.

The extruder is the most widely used food machinery, will be applied in many different categories of food processing. After generations of engineers’ research and development, the most advanced extrusion machines are now single-screw extruders or twin-screw extruders, which provide us with various delicious and nutritious food products.

What is extruder machine used for?

The professional and technical article Top 10 Extrusion Equipment for Cost-Effectiveness in 2021 shows that extruders originated in the 18th century. The world’s first extruder was manual and could only be used for the production of lead pipes. With the progress of technology and the development of the times, today extruders have very superior performance. They are widely used in many industries such as plastics, electronics, and food, providing us with a high quality of life.

The extruder is a screw reactor. Extrusion is a series of processes, including mixing, molding, expansion, and drying. Single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders are the two main types of extruders based on screw construction. Twin-screw extruders can be co-rotating or counter-rotating depending on the direction of rotation.

Today we use extruders in a wide range of applications in many industries.

Plastics (can produce a variety of laminated films, laminated sheets, plates, profiles, and tubes .)

Food (breakfast cereals, soy protein, brewed foods, snack foods, etc.)

Feed (cattle feed, pig feed, dog food, and cat food, etc.)

Catalysts (high alumina, gels, kaolin carriers, molecular sieves, etc.)

Rubber (tires, inner tubes, wires, and cables, etc.)

Extruders are used in a wide range of applications in almost every industry, including the food processing industry, closely related to extruders.

Among the extruders, the most basic and versatile is the single-screw extruder in general. Its main components include transmission, charging device, barrel, screw, head, mouth die, and other six parts.

What kind of principle is the extruder based on for such a powerful function?

The last thread at the mouth of the material starts to be called the conveying section: here, the material is required not to be plasticized, but to be preheated, pressed, and squeezed solid.  In the past, the old extrusion theory considered that the material here is a loose body, but later by proving that the movement of the material here is similar to a solid piston. Therefore, complete the task of conveying is its function.

The second section is called the compression section. At this time, the volume of the screw tank gradually becomes smaller from large, and the temperature should reach the degree of plasticization of the material. Compression is generated here by the conveying section three, where the compression to one, which is called the compression ratio of the screw – 3 ﹕ 1, some machines also have changes to complete the plasticization of the material into the third section.

The third section is the metering section. The material maintains the plasticizing temperature, just like a metering pump, accurate, quantitative delivery of molten material to supply the head, the temperature at this time can not be lower than the plasticizing temperature, generally slightly higher.

Whether in any industry, the extruder plays a vital role. Manufacturers can only use a high-quality extruder to improve market competitiveness.

Food Extruder Machine is world-renowned food machinery. And now it has been exported to many countries and regions worldwide, causing a lot of stir in the local, harvesting an excellent response. The machine applies the most advanced extrusion technology and can be widely used in many industries, especially in the food processing industry, and is the best choice for manufacturers to save costs and improve product quality and product efficiency!

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Are instant noodles freeze dried?

Are instant noodles freeze dried? First of all, understand the whole physical process of instant freeze-dried noodles, low-temperature vacuum freezing, sublimation and dehydration, which are characterized by non-fried, flavor-locking, fresh-keeping, and aroma-keeping, just like fresh cooking in the kitchen. Freeze-dried noodles are named after being dehydrated in a vacuum environment of minus 30 degrees. The cakes and ingredients of freeze-dried noodles are all freeze-dried, including the water in the noodle soup. Freeze-dried noodles belong to Instant noodles The category is different from instant noodles only in the production process, and the ingredients are richer than instant noodles.

The difference between freeze-dried noodles and instant noodles is: freeze-dried noodles are instant noodles processed by freeze-drying technology. They are characterized by being non-fried and rich in ingredients and generally require cooking; while instant noodles are made by steaming and frying the noodles that come out of the shredding, thus giving them a fixed shape and generally allowing them to be eaten raw.

Freeze-dried noodles use vacuum freeze-drying technology to quickly freeze fresh noodles, soups and vegetables. Thirty degrees Dehydration and drying are completed in a vacuum environment. Freeze-dried noodles are like other instant noodles. You only need to add water to restore the original appearance, and the color, aroma and taste remain basically unchanged.

And because freeze-dried noodles use vacuum freeze-drying technology, the physical and chemical structure of the food is not changed by high temperature, so its nutrient content is not lost, and it is basically the same as fresh food. In addition, high Up to 95% The dehydration rate of the food greatly extends the shelf life of the food, and it can be stored at room temperature for more than five years without damaging the packaging.

Instant noodles, also known as fast-food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles, quick-cooking noodles, instant noodles, and instant noodles, are called doll noodles in Hong Kong. They are noodles that can be cooked and eaten in hot water within a short period of time.

However, due to modern people’s aversion to fat, fried instant noodles have been criticized. The vacuum freeze-drying technology maintains the freshness and nutrition of the food. It does not contain fat and can extend the shelf life of the food. Therefore, freeze-dried noodles are compared with instant noodles. Has become more and more popular with consumers.

Instant Noodles Production Line is the best choice for processing freeze-dried noodles. The investment of this production line is only one-tenth of that of large-scale equipment. It is especially suitable for small or self-owned enterprises. The instant noodles produced by this production line are tough, smooth, and transparent, and are easily saturated by water.

Production line equipment composition:
Dough machine—roller—boiler—cutting machine—frying machine—cooling machine

Description of each equipment of the production line:

1. Mixer/dough machine

The main function of the flour mixer is to mix flour, salt, alkali, water and other additives evenly, which is the first step in making instant noodles.
2. Double pressure forming machine

(1) This equipment consists of five pairs of lower rollers and wave generators.
(2) Function: Press the mixed raw materials into a strip, roll the strip to make it thin, and finally cut it into strips with a cutting knife, and the wave shaper will form a wave on each strip.
(3) The speed of this equipment is adjusted by the frequency converter, which is easy to control and operate.

3. Boiler

(1) This equipment is composed of body frame, boiling box, conveyor belt and steam pipeline.
(2) The wavy noodles are cooked by steam when they pass through the shell, and have the characteristics of strength and transparency after boiling.
(3) Adjustable speed, compatible with press forming machine.
4. Automatic creping and cutting machine

(1) This equipment is composed of a cutter, a folding part, a conveying net, a frame, and a transmission part.
(2) Main function: Cut the noodles into a certain length. Different lengths mean different weights. After the automatic folding process, the noodles are easier to put into the frying container.
5. Fryer

(1) This equipment is composed of stainless steel frame, oil tank, heat exchanger, transmission part, frying forming box and forming machine part.
(2) The main function of this equipment is to fry and dehydrate the cooked noodles. The fried noodles will become square or round, and each piece is the same.

6. Cooling machine

The equipment consists of a frame, a cooler and a conveying plate, and its function is to quickly cool the fried noodles.

Instant Noodles Production Line is improved on the basis of the research of domestic and foreign technology, the processing line has perfect process, compact structure, novel design and stable performance. It has the features of high automation, easy operation, low energy consumption, small investment and low risk. The line can produce square and round corrugated instant noodles by replacing different forming molds. The two shapes have good elasticity and delicious taste, which is the first choice for food processing enterprises.

What machinery is used to make biscuits?

The improvement of living standards has given us more choices in our diet. People are no longer satisfied with simply eating full, and are pursuing more dietary diversity. Nowadays, biscuits have become one of the most popular snack foods. Loved by people of all ages.

Biscuits are the food with the highest proportion in the supermarkets. The dazzling array of foods will always make people picky, which is enough to prove how popular the biscuits are. Nowadays, the improvement of economic level also makes consumers have higher requirements for biscuits, and manufacturers also need to continuously improve production efficiency and production technology to satisfy consumers. What equipment do manufacturers usually use when producing biscuits?

What machines are used to make biscuits?

The key for manufacturers to improve production efficiency and production quality is to use high-quality food machinery for production. Equipment that can realize highly automated production is the best choice for manufacturers. Now the Biscuit Production Line has been unanimously welcomed by manufacturers. Its specific equipment includes mixing dough. Machines, molding machines, ovens, fuel injection machines, cooling machines, packaging machines and conveyor belts, etc. The above content is borrowed from the top ten biscuit production lines in the professional technical article in 2021.

The specific functions of various equipment in this production line are as follows:
Kneading machine
The main function of the dough mixer is a machine that mixes flour, water and some other ingredients into dough, which can achieve rapid and uniform mixing, and is widely used in the production of various cakes, biscuits, breads and other foods.

Forming Machine
The mixed dough is conveyed into the forming machine and formed into a biscuit embryo after being formed by roller printing. After being conveyed into the oven, it can be made into various types of delicious biscuits.

The equipment uses a variety of heating methods, electric heating or gas heating, etc., which can realize the control of the temperature zone and the uniform temperature in the temperature zone. It has an advanced temperature control system, automatic temperature control and constant temperature, flexible operation, high safety performance, and suitable for baking All kinds of biscuits, the baking efficiency is high, and the biscuits taste good.

Fuel injection machine
The main function of the equipment is to spray oil on the surface of the biscuits to make the color, fragrance and taste of the biscuits more distinctive and effectively improve the quality of the biscuits.

After the production of the biscuits is completed, the biscuits need to be cooled. Cooling can prevent the biscuits from returning moisture in the packaging bag, which can effectively retain the flavor of the biscuits and extend the shelf life of the biscuits.

Packing Machine
The last step in the production of biscuits is packaging. The packaging machine can realize automatic packaging, bag making and edge sealing, etc. It has a variety of edge sealing methods for manufacturers to choose, and the packaged biscuits are of higher grade.

Conveyor belt is a necessary equipment running through the entire production line, which can realize automatic transmission, and there are multiple transmission methods, not only limited to horizontal transmission, the transmission process is clean, sanitary and pollution-free, and will not cause biscuits to break.

The above is the equipment used in the process of producing biscuits. Each type of equipment is indispensable. This is the most advanced biscuit production technology handed down after years of development. This production method can be used to the greatest extent. To ensure the quality of biscuits and improve the production efficiency of manufacturers, this is also the key to many well-known manufacturers to have a broad market. For small and medium enterprises, the use of highly automated production lines will effectively increase economic profits.

Our company is a well-known food machinery manufacturer in the industry, with many years of R&D and production experience, providing many manufacturers with high-quality food machinery, helping them expand the market scale and attracting many loyal consumers. Our Biscuit Production Line has reached the world’s leading level and has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known companies.

In order to benefit more small and medium-sized enterprises, our engineers have further reduced production costs. And used high-quality food-grade stainless steel and well-known brand components to ensure the quality of the equipment. We can provide manufacturers with a variety of models at the lowest price. To provide the best quality equipment for small and medium enterprises, if you have other special requirements, our engineers can also provide you with customized services.

If you want to further increase profits and expand the market, welcome to contact us. It is our goal to help more SMEs gain strong market competitiveness, and we look forward to working with you!

Is maize and sweetcorn the same?

Corn is recognized as a “golden food” in the world, and its planting rate is very high. It plays a very important role in animal husbandry, food industry and medical industry. Corn is rich in nutrients and contains a variety of essential amino acids, which can promote the normal metabolism of human brain cells. The rich vitamin E can enhance people’s physical strength and endurance. Niacin can promote gastrointestinal motility. The human body has many benefits.

There are also many types of corn. Sweet corn is very popular. It tastes soft and sweet. It often appears on our dinner table. Is sweet corn the same as corn?

Is maize and sweetcorn the same?

The professional technical article in the most cost-effective corn flake production line in 2021 shows that corn is a very popular coarse grain product, almost all over the world, and there are many different types of corn. Sweet corn has a rich taste and is loved by many people. In fact, sweet corn is a variety of corn. Sweet corn is corn, but not all corn is sweet corn. The two are the relationship between inclusion and inclusion.

Sweet corn is corn that is harvested before it is fully matured and dried. This type of corn is processed to produce a sweeter taste. It is usually used to make corn on the cob or cream corn. Even if it is cooked directly, it has a strong taste. Corn fragrant. The sweet corn that is picked at the growth stage still has a high sugar content in the corn kernels, and the sweetness is relatively strong. Since the public likes this type of corn very much, there are hybrid varieties bred specifically for harvesting sweet corn to provide the public with high-quality and delicious sweet corn.

Different types of corn have different uses. Corn is an unavailable raw material in many industries. Corn can also be used to make a variety of foods, such as corn flakes. Corn flakes are often eaten as breakfast foods and have very rich nutrition.

The nutritional value of corn flakes:
Corn flakes contain a lot of nutrients. In addition to carbohydrates, protein, fat, and carotene, corn flakes also contain riboflavin, vitamins and other nutrients. These substances are great for preventing heart disease, cancer and other diseases. benefit.

If you eat corn flakes often, it can play a certain role in health care. It can help us to regulate our intestines and stomach. It is very meaningful for our gastrointestinal health. In addition, corn flakes can also adjust the appetite, benefit the lungs and calm the heart. Eating a cup of corn flakes every morning can clear dampness and heat, promote liver and gallbladder, and can effectively delay aging and prevent many diseases.

And the way to eat corn flakes is also very simple. You only need to make a simple brew in the year of the ox. If you can add some fresh fruits and vegetables, the nutrition will be more comprehensive.

As the general public is now generally aware of the importance of health, the status of corn is increasing and the demand continues to increase. Corn flakes have also become the most popular breakfast cereal, and various corn flakes are emerging one after another. If manufacturers want to attract consumers and expand the market, they must improve the production quality and production technology of corn flakes. In addition to selecting suitable corn varieties, they must also use relatively high-quality equipment.

Corn Flake Production Line has been tested by well-known domestic and foreign companies and has become an internationally renowned food machinery. This equipment is produced by our engineers after many experiments and combined with the laws of market development. It meets the actual production needs of the manufacturer and has a very high cost performance.

Corn Flake Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is durable and hard to wear, and has a long service life. The highly automated production method does not require manual intervention, which can greatly reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. There is no waste in the production process, and the remaining material can be reused. Changing the mold can produce a variety of corn flakes in different shapes, providing manufacturers with more s Choice. The produced corn flakes are tightly organized, crispy and nutritious, and have a great competitive advantage in the market.

Whether it is sweet corn or ordinary corn, it is of great benefit to our body. Eating more corn products will be very beneficial to our health!

What is food extruder machine?

Casual food is the most consumed food in our daily life. Whenever we go to the supermarket, we always purchase a big bag of snacks to store for consumption when we are tired at work and entertaining guests when they visit us. The progress of technology is also promoting the development of the food processing industry, and mechanized production has become the primary way to produce leisure food.

The production of snack foods often uses extruders. And this type of equipment is found in almost all snack food processing plants and is very versatile, and directly impacts the final quality of the food. Many companies are looking for better quality extruders for their production, so what exactly is an extruder?

What is food extruder machine?

Professional and technical article 2021 sales ranked in the top three food extruders shows that the food processing industry has undergone enormous change. Technology has become the first productive force, and the extruder is indispensable in the food processing industry. The application is also extensive. Extruder belongs to one of the types of plastic machinery, originated in the 18th century. The equipment relies on the pressure and shear force generated by the rotation of the screw, which can make the material wholly plasticized and uniformly mixing, through the mouth die molding.

Extruders are a highly used machine in the modern food processing industry, used in many types of food, such as pet food, casual puffed food, soy protein meat, brewing industry, macaroni, etc. Extruders make many foods around you. Using extruders can provide consumers with high-quality food. The food produced has a lot of advantages.

Food extruders offer a variety of advantages when producing food products.

Good versatility

High production capacity

Low cost

Variety of product shapes

Hygienic, low nutritional losses, and high digestibility

High utilization of energy

Easy production of new foods

Almost no loss of nutrients in the food material

Nowadays, food products produced with extruders are popular and very well accepted by consumers. More and more manufacturers are improving the quality of their products by using high-quality extruders. I wonder if you know how extruders work?

What is the principle of the extruder?

Food materials containing sure moisture in the extruder are subjected to the thrust of the screw, the inner wall of the sleeve, the reverse screw, the blocking effect of the forming die, the heating effect of the outer wall of the sleeve, and the heating effect of the frictional heat between the screw and the material and the sleeve. Thus the material and the interior of the screw sleeve generate a large amount of frictional heat and conduction heat under the action of these combined factors so that the material inside the barrel is in a High temperature and high-pressure state. Once the die head extrudes the material, the pressure drops to normal pressure, the water in the material instantly flashes and vaporizes. The temperature drops immediately, causing the material to become a swollen food with a specific shape of the porous structure.

Various types of food produced by using extruders are popular in the market. The performance of the extruder will primarily affect the quality of food. Manufacturers must use high-quality extruders to improve market competitiveness.

Our company is a professional food machinery manufacturer, many years of development has made us a leading enterprise in the industry. The production of food machinery has become a lot of enterprises to learn from the equipment. Our Food Extruder Machine has reached the world’s top-level, with the most advanced extrusion technology at this stage, to help many companies further improve products’ quality.

Food Extruder Machine is an essential piece of equipment in various food production lines, with significantly superior performance. Stainless steel parts make the equipment clean and sanitary, durable, long service life, fully automatic production method without human intervention, high and stable production efficiency. In addition, we can customize the die and model according to customer requirements so that more customers can benefit from it.

If you are interested in the extruder, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the best quality equipment and service!

How instant noodles are manufactured ielts?

Instant noodles are a very popular fast food in modern society. For many people with heavy work and study tasks, instant noodles are the best food. Different from some other fast foods. Instant noodles are full of aroma after being brewed with boiling water, and the taste is very rich. Its unique taste makes many people not only regard it as an occasional need. But more often as a daily food.

Nowadays, instant noodles are in a very large demand in the global market. According to the statistics of the World Instant Noodle Association: In 2017, the global demand for instant noodles was about 100.1 billion, of which China’s demand was 38.97 billion, ranking first in the world. Indonesia’s annual demand is 12.62 billion copies, ranking second in the world. As a result of the huge demand, more and more manufacturers want to engage in this industry. Do you know how instant noodles are produced?

How instant noodles are manufactured ielts?

The professional technical article in the highest quality instant noodle production line in 2021 shows that instant noodles are a kind of instant food widely spread around the world, and the demand is huge, and its production process is also more complicated. It uses flour, starch, whole egg powder and edible salt. With food additives as raw materials, it is made through multiple steps such as mixing noodles, pressing noodles, steaming, stretching, cutting, frying, cooling, and feeding.

The following is the specific production process of instant noodles:
Make noodles
Add salt and alkaline water to the water used for making noodles and stir evenly. Adding alkali can neutralize the acid produced by the dough fermentation, so that the flavor does not change, and the noodles are more gluten. Different proportions of flour, starch, and gluten are individually weighed and then put into a mixer and mixed with water.

Pressed noodles
The dough can be rolled into a smooth dough through continuous rolling by a rolling mill. After that, the noodles pass through a pair of knife rolls at high speed and are cut into strips. The extruder will squeeze the noodles into a bend. The instant noodles we eat are basically bent. The main reason why manufacturers do this is that bent noodles can increase the contact area between noodles and air, and can effectively shorten the time whether it is subsequent cooling, frying or noodle cooking.

Steamed noodles
The raw noodles are transported to the steaming box. After two minutes of steaming, the noodles will be stretched, which can make the noodles more evenly coated with oil, and then apply oil to the noodles to prevent the noodles from sticking together.

One turn of the rotary knife is the weight of a pack of instant noodles. After the noodles are cut into uniform noodles, it becomes the semi-finished product of instant noodles.

The semi-finished instant noodles are transported to the deep fryer for high-temperature frying, so that the instant noodles can be shaped, dehydrated and hardened to become a porous structure, and then drained.

cool down
The temperature of the instant noodles after frying is relatively high, so they need to be cooled down to allow the noodles to cool to 35°C ~ 40°C. The cooled noodles will not return to moisture and become soft after packaging, which can ensure the quality of the noodles and effectively extend the shelf life.

The final step in the production process of instant noodles is packaging. An assembly line is used to place seasoning packets on the noodles. After that, the packaging machine will automatically make bags and pack the noodles. This has become the instant noodles we buy every day.

The above is the specific production process of instant noodles. There are many process steps. Faced with such a huge demand, manufacturers can only guarantee the quality and efficiency of instant noodle production by using highly automated production equipment. The Instant Noodles Production Line is a new type that is very recognized by the manufacturers. equipment.

The Instant Noodles Production Line is a new equipment developed by our engineers combining advanced domestic and foreign experience. It has a very high cost performance, stable and reliable quality, and very high production efficiency. The entire production line only needs 1-2 people to complete the production. , Low labor cost and high production quality. The production line is low in price and very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the production line can be used to produce a variety of instant foods, instant noodles, instant rice noodles, etc., with a wide range of applications.

The use of high-quality equipment can provide manufacturers with the highest production quality and production efficiency, which is the key to expanding the market scale. If you need it, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

How instant noodles are manufactured ielts?

Instant noodles are a prevalent instant food in modern society, which is the best food for people with a heavy workload. Unlike some other instant food, instant noodles are aromatic and rich in taste after brewing boiling water. Their unique taste makes many people use them as an emergency and as daily food.

Today, instant noodles are in very great demand in the global market, according to the World Instant Noodle Association statistics: the global demand for instant noodles in 2017 was about 100.1 billion, of which China’s demand was 38.97 billion, ranking first in the world, and Indonesia’s annual demand was 12.62 billion, ranking second in the world. So that the vast market has attracted more and more manufacturers who want to engage in this industry, so do you understand how to produce instant noodles?

How instant noodles are manufactured ielts?

The professional technical article top high-quality instant noodle production line in 2021 shows that instant noodles are a kind of instant food widely circulated globally. The demand is enormous. Its production process is also relatively complex, using flour, starch, whole egg powder, edible salt, and food additives as raw materials, after and noodles, pressing, steaming, stretching, cutting, frying, cooling, feeding, and other steps to make.

The following is the specific production process of instant noodles.


The water used for mixing the noodles is mixing with salt and alkaline water in proportion. The addition of alkali neutralizes the acid produced by the fermentation of the dough, keeps the flavor from changing, and makes the noodles more al dente. Different proportions of flour, starch, and gluten are weighed separately, put into the mixer with water, and mix well.

Noodle pressing and cutting

The dough is crushed into a smooth dough by the continuous grinding of the rolling machine, after which it passes through a pair of knife rollers at high speed and cut into strips, and the extruder will squeeze the noodles into curved ones. Thus, we consume instant noodles that are curved. The main reason why manufacturers do so is that curved noodles can increase the contact area of noodles and air. Therefore, whether it is after cooling, frying, or cooking noodles can effectively shorten the time.


Transporting the raw noodles to the steamer, and after two minutes of steaming, stretching the noodles to make them more evenly coated with oil, followed by oiling the noodles to prevent them from sticking together.

Cutting the noodles

The noodles are cut into evenly sized pieces and then become semi-finished instant noodles.


The semi-finished instant noodles are transferred to a deep fryer for high-temperature frying to allow the noodles to set and harden into a porous structure and then drained.


After frying, the instant noodles are hot and need to let cool down to 35℃~40℃. After cooling, the noodles will not become soft and damp after packaging, which can ensure the quality of the noodles and effectively extend the shelf life.


The last step in the production process of instant noodles is packaging, using an assembly line to place seasoning packets on the noodles. Finally, the packaging machine will automatically make bags and pack the noodles, which will become the instant noodles we buy every day.

The above is the specific production process of instant noodles. The process steps are relatively large. In the face of such a huge demand, manufacturers can only use highly automated production equipment to ensure the quality and efficiency of instant noodles production. Instant Noodles Production Line is a new type of equipment very recognized by manufacturers.

Instant Noodles Production Line is a new machine developed by our engineers with advanced experience at home and abroad. It has a very high-cost performance, stable and reliable quality, and high production efficiency. The whole line can be produced by only 1-2 people, with low labor cost and high production quality. The production line is inexpensive, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the use of the production line can produce a variety of instant food, instant noodles, instant rice noodles, etc., can be made, a wide range of applications.

The use of high-quality equipment can provide manufacturers with the highest production quality and production efficiency, which is the key to expand the market scale. So, if you need, welcome to contact us. We will be happy to serve you!

Are extruded foods bad for you?

Puffed food is a new type of food developed internationally in recent years. It is cereals, beans, potatoes, vegetables, and other raw materials. The Food Extruder Machine processes these materials to create a wide variety, exquisite appearance, nutritious, crispy, and fragrant food. Therefore, it uniquely formed a large category of food. Due to the production of this puffed food equipment structure is simple, easy to operate, less investment in equipment, quick returns, so the development of very rapid, and has shown great vitality.

We often eat snacks in our daily lives are puffed food, such as potato chips, wafers, popcorn, etc. They taste crispy and sweet, loved by the public. However, we think that puffed food is not suitable for our health. Whether the consumption of puffed food is as bad for the body as the rumors say? Here we will discuss Are extruded foods bad for you?

First of all, extruded foods’ raw materials are cereal, beans, corn, potatoes, and other coarse grains, vegetable protein, and vegetables as raw materials to produce. These ingredients are natural materials in the puffing process. Therefore, if there are no excess additives and excessive consumption, it is undoubtedly nutritious and very healthy food for the human body.

It is true that puffed food in the puffing process, if the excessive increase in additives, there may be high fat, high calorie, high salt, high sugar, MSG, “five high a more.”Combined with excessive eating, it will cause “puffed food is not good for the body.” But it can not Let the “puffed” processing method carry this “black,” the culprit is not “puffed,” but excessive additives and excessive consumption!

Puffed food is not only not junk food and more easily digested and absorbed by the body; at the same time, puffed food raw materials are mainly cereals, beans, corn, potatoes, and other coarse and fine grains made of starch, can completely replace the staple food. But, of course, those workshop-style processing methods, the production of highly contaminated puffed food, mainly lead contamination, such as popcorn, is the real junk food!

Secondly, even though many people stigmatize puffed food, but we love to eat, not only for the reasons mentioned above, there are reasons for these roles: First, the tip of our tongue contains the taste buds “CD36” the part of a protein; second, the role of the human gene preference for sugar and fat; third, the role of eating more addictive. Fourth, as one of the leisure food, puffed food has a stress-relieving effect.

But no matter what, puffed food “we all love to eat” does not mean that you can eat more, or not often. On the contrary, as long as the consumption is moderate or beneficial, excessive consumption, like excessive rice consumption, will be excess nutrients. The accumulation of fat results in high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, triggering diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease, etc.

Puffed food is processed by the Food Extruder Machine, which can adapt the die of the extruder to produce a variety of different shapes of puffed food, rice packets, puffed snacks, cookies, nutritional powders, baby food, etc. by adjusting the die of the extruder. After extrusion and puffing of cereals, the formed products are larger in size, puffy in texture, crispy in taste, starch formation, increased water solubility, and easy to be absorbed by the human body, and thus are famous all over the world.

The food extruder is all made of stainless steel. The line is reasonably designed, with screws made of alloy steel and special technology, with longer screw life, and a building block structure, which can have any combination—forced lubrication system by ensuring the equipment transmission life longer. The visualized automatic temperature control system, which makes temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate.

In general, puffed food is rich in nutrients. Therefore, if the diet is reasonable and moderate, control the amount of consumption, the body is still healthy. As the public loves puffed food, food processing enterprises also doubled their efforts to process puffed food production. As a result, food extrusion machine has been more used widely for food processing enterprises have made outstanding contributions.

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