How does a food extruder work?

What are the advantages of food extruders?

What is the classification of food extruders?

In the modern food processing industry, technology and mechanization are the mainstream melody of development. The food industry is in great demand, and only a fast and efficient production method can meet the needs of consumers. Food extrusion technology has become the most common process in food processing, which can ensure efficient and high-quality production.

Food extruders have almost become one of the necessary equipment for food processing plants to provide manufacturers with quality food at a good price, so manufacturers are looking for the best performing extruders to expand their markets. So what is the principle of the food extruder to make it popular?

How does a food extruder work?

Food extruder is one of the most common equipment in the food processing industry. Its main principle of operation is the screw in the high-speed rotation of the feeder mixture to the head part; in the extruder, under the high-temperature heating, powder and granular materials are quickly melted. When the material is sent to the machine head, under the strong thrust of the screw, it is extruded into the shape of the machine mouth when it passes through the machine mouth and finally cut to form the final food.

In the production process, the food extrusion process will change the structure and shape of the material in a short time. It can gelatinize the starch and denature protein, destroy most of the anti-nutritional factors and toxic ingredients in the raw materials. It can inactivate the activity of enzymes that can cause food deterioration. Therefore, the food produced has a unique taste and Very high nutrition.

By using this principle, food extruders can produce a wide range of foods such as macaroni, snack foods, puffed foods, pet foods, and rice flour for babies or the elderly, which are very relevant to our lives.

In addition to producing high-quality food products, food extruders have many advantages that make them one of the most popular machines in the food processing industry.

What are the advantages of the food extruder?

1. The production process realizes a continuous process of high temperature and short cooking time, so the production time is short, and the production efficiency is high.

2. It can destroy harmful microorganisms and anti-nutritional enzymes, thus retaining most of the nutrition in the material.

3. Less waste and high yield can effectively save raw materials.

4. Highly automated production method makes the labor cost low.

5. Small space required for unit operation and small footprint.

6. No pollution to the environment, can realize green production.

7. The transmission system is stable, safe, reliable, durable, and has a low failure rate.

In addition, the food extruder also has very many advantages. Because of its superior performance, it can become one of the devices that are not available to major manufacturers.

The food extruder is divided into the single-screw extruder and twin-screw extruder, and different extruders are suitable for different production methods.

The single-screw unit is less noisy in operation but has a smaller capacity. The twin-screw unit has a large range of cooling capacity, and the unit’s performance is basically similar, so there are more twin-screw units used in the market. While single-screw extruders are suitable for general material extrusion processing, twin-screw extruders are more stable.

Food extruders are very different in structure, power, and mouth shape. For different manufacturers, the equipment needed is different because of the different production needs, so it is vital to choose the one that best meets the actual production needs.

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