Are corn flakes made from corn?

Are corn flakes made from corn?

What kind of corn is used to make corn flakes?

What are the benefits of cornflakes for the human body?

The accelerated pace of society has made many new things appear in our lives. In order to allow more consumers to eat a simple, quick, and nutritious breakfast, manufacturers have produced various types of breakfast cereals, of which cornflakes are one of the most popular and can be consumed immediately by simply brewing them with milk.

Cornflakes have become a must-have breakfast cereal for many families, and a new day begins after a simple meal. Since corn flakes are called corn flakes, are corn flakes made from corn?

Are corn flakes made from corn?

Corn flakes are a new type of fast food; the main ingredients are corn, sugar, salt, vitamins, and minerals, etc. Corn is the primary raw material for making corn flakes. As we all know, corn is a kind of golden food recognized worldwide, because eating corn flakes can absorb the nutrition in corn and bring many benefits to the human body.

The main raw material for corn flakes is corn, but not all corn can be used to make corn flakes, the nutritional content of different corn varies, and the taste is also very different.

So what kind of corn is used to make corn flakes?

Corn flakes are a popular ready-to-eat cereal around the world. The best raw material for processing corn flakes is hard horseradish corn. Because of its high content of horny endosperm and high transparency after starch gelatinization, the corn flakes produced in this way will have an excellent appearance, which will be more attractive to consumers.

Corn contains a large embryo, and the corn germ will affect the starch paste and the shape of the corn flakes, bringing a lot of inconvenience to the processing operation. Therefore, corn flakes production mainly uses corn grits that have been peeled and degerminated as raw materials.

Most of the cornflakes we eat every day are made from this corn, which is rich in nutrients and has many advantages for the human body, making cornflakes one of the most popular breakfast cereals.

What are the benefits of cornflakes for the human body?

1. Rich in vitamins: The vitamin content of corn is very high, 5-10 times that of rice and wheat, and has a very high nutritional value.

2. Rich in plant cellulose: The rich plant cellulose in corn flakes can effectively stimulate gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the excretion of feces, and effectively prevent constipation, enteritis, and bowel cancer. In addition, cellulose can also lower blood lipids, which has obvious advantages for controlling and improving coronary heart disease and obesity.

3. Rich in zeaxanthin: zeaxanthin can effectively prevent the generation of age-related macular degeneration.

4. Rich in carotene and niacin: carotene is absorbed by the body will be converted into vitamin A, while the niacin content is also very high, niacin for maintaining the normal function of the nervous system, digestive system, and skin has a great help.

5. Rich in linoleic acid: corn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Among them, the content of linoleic acid is as high as 60%. Linoleic acid has a very obvious effect on lowering cholesterol, can effectively reduce the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, and has a positive effect on preventing high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Cornflakes as a breakfast cereal are very suitable for consumption. Not only is it convenient and quick to eat, it is suitable for consumers in the morning in a hurry, but the nutrient content is also high, which can effectively supplement body nutrition. Therefore, corn flakes have taken the world by storm, and the market demand continues to increase.

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