Is it okay to eat instant noodles for breakfast?

The accelerated pace of life has made everything around us become busy, and the fast-paced lifestyle has given rise to many fast-paced necessities, such as instant noodles. Instant noodles are the favorite of many people because it is convenient to eat and very tasty. Both delicious and can be fast-food characteristics only instant noodles can do.

It is because instant noodles are delicious and convenient, so more and more people are relying on instant noodles to solve the three meals a day. Especially in the morning when it is too late to eat, with hot water to soak a bucket of instant noodles, you will enjoy the deliciousness in a few minutes. But it is known that instant noodles are not healthy food. Can we eat instant noodles in the morning?

Is it okay to eat instant noodles for breakfast?

The professional technical article The top 10 sales of instant noodle production line in 2021 show that although instant noodles are a prevalent instant food, it is not healthy to eat. Although you can consume convenience in the morning, only occasionally, if eaten every day, will harm your body.

Instant noodles are made with flour, eggs, salt, and other ingredients through deep-frying. The traditional way of making instant noodles means that it is not healthy food. If you only eat occasionally, it will not affect your health, but it will negatively affect your body if you eat a lot.

The dangers of eating instant noodles in the morning:

1. High blood pressure, heart disease, and other diseases

The salt content in instant noodles is very high. If you eat three or more bags of instant noodles every week, in that case, it is easy to cause cardiovascular disease, kidney function, and metabolic system errors, especially hypertension, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.

2. cause obesity

Because the noodle is a meal, and in the production process after the frying, seasoning package in the fat content is also very high, often eat must cause carbohydrates and body fat intake too much, and then cause obesity. When people grow fat will cause a series of problems, resulting in diabetes, hypertension, and various obesity-related diseases.

3. Malnutrition

The nutrition in instant noodles is not balanced, lack of vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients. Long-term eating instant noodles, 60% of people are malnourished, 54% of people suffering from iron deficiency anemia, 23% of people suffering from riboflavin deficiency, 16% of people lacking calcium, 2% of people suffering from a variety of eye diseases due to the lack of vitamin D.

4. Affects bones’ growth

There are many preservatives in instant noodles, even more than 20 kinds, among which polyphosphates are more common. Excessive intake of polyphosphates in the body will make the body’s calcium inflexible, which will easily cause fractures, tooth loss, and bone deformation.

5. Aging

In order to extend the shelf life, instant noodles are usually fried, fried vegetable fats will be oxidized through the air will cause peroxy lipids, this substance not only reduces the quality of ingredients but also easy to accelerate the body decline. Especially for some girls who love beauty, the consumption of instant noodles invariably increases aging.

Although instant noodles are not healthy, as long as you can reasonably control the amount of consumption and add some fresh vegetables, eggs, and other foods to supplement nutrition, you can eat them in the morning with confidence.

Nowadays, instant noodles have become the most popular instant food and are always in the leading position in the market. Using high-quality production equipment will provide manufacturers with a higher quality production method.

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Although instant noodles are very delicious and convenient, they are not suitable for consumption in large quantities. No matter what the food is, it is not good to overeat it but eat in moderation to make our body healthier.