How to make wafer biscuits?

Biscuit is an indispensable snack food in our daily life. Eating a biscuit while working or studying can instantly give us full energy. Biscuit is also a daily necessity for many people. There are also many types of biscuits, such as chocolate biscuits, soda biscuits, cookies and cream sandwich biscuits.

Wafer biscuit is a very popular kind, also called waffle. It is a kind of multi-layer sandwich biscuit with porous structure and fillings between biscuit and biscuit. It is crispy and melts in the mouth. Wafer biscuits are a food that people of all ages like to eat very much. Many people who love baking have also begun to make their own wafer biscuits. What should I do?

How are wafer biscuits made?

According to the professional technical article in the top six biscuit production lines for cost performance in 2021, wafer biscuits are very crisp, and the multi-layer sandwich structure adds a very rich taste. They are many people’s favorite biscuits. The production method of wafer biscuits is similar to that of traditional biscuits. Generally, it needs to go through the steps of raw and auxiliary materials processing-pulping-baking-filling-cutting-packaging.

The specific production method of wafer biscuits is as follows:
Raw materials processing
Commonly used raw materials are wheat flour and millet flour. These two raw materials must be refined and meticulously processed. At the same time, high-quality wheat and millet must be used to remove impurities from them through a 100-mesh sieve, so as to ensure the production The wafers have a delicate taste.

Modified batter
Making flour paste is a very key technology in making wafers, and it has a direct relationship with the quality of wafers. Put the millet flour paste and flour into the kneading machine, then add an appropriate amount of water and stir evenly, and then add a leavening agent to continue stirring. The water content of the flour paste directly affects the quality of the wafer.

Excessive water content will cause waste. The wafers produced are very easy to break, which will cause a very bad feeling to consumers. If the water content is too high, the wafers will have “cut corners” and cause waste.

Modified fillings
Grind white granulated sugar into fine powder. The thickness of the powdered sugar will directly affect the taste of the wafer biscuits. The finer the powdered sugar, the better. Then mix it with oil and margarine. The adjusted filling should be uniform, fine and without particles.

Baking sheet
Pour the prepared batter into a special wafer mold, and then heat and bake, the temperature is controlled at 180-200 ℃.

Coated sandwich
The uniformity of the filling not only affects the taste of wafer biscuits, but also affects the cost. The ratio of 1:3 is the most appropriate. In addition, when coating the sandwich, you should also pay attention to the wafers to be handled gently and not to break, the color is old and tender, and then the sandwich is applied to maintain the uniform color of the surface and the bottom. The single chip of the wafer should be cut and used. Or fill it up to keep it neat and level.

Cut a large piece of semi-finished product with fillings on the cutting machine. After cutting, remove the cut and broken products, and wait for packaging.

This is the last step of production. The packaging machine is used for fully automatic packaging. The bag making to the edge sealing can be automated. The quality of the wafer biscuits after packaging is higher.

The above is the specific production process of producing wafer biscuits. Nowadays, the development of science and technology has made great progress in the food processing industry. Manufacturers usually use Biscuit Production Line to realize highly automated production and further improve production efficiency.

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Wafer biscuits are very popular, both adults and children like it very much. If you want to show your skills in this industry, please contact us!