How do factories make biscuits?

If we must choose one of the most popular snack foods, many people will choose biscuits. Biscuits are a very convenient snack. When you are tired of working or studying, you can eat a biscuit to regain your vitality, so many people will go to the supermarket from time to time to buy and stock some biscuits.

The variety of biscuits we eat every day and the richness of their flavors give us a wide range of choices. Thanks to the ingenuity of the biscuit factory developers, we can have so many kinds of biscuits to eat. So how do biscuit factories make it?

How do factories make biscuits?

As shown in the professional technical article Top 6 Biscuit Production Line in 2021, cookies are a very popular snack food nowadays. They are consumed by people from all walks of life, with an enormous audience. The biscuit factory has a complicated production process when making biscuits. Biscuit mainly uses cereal flour, bean, and potato flour as the primary raw materials, adding or not adding sugar, fat, and other natural materials, made by blending, molding, and baking. And will add cream, egg white, cocoa, chocolate, etc., between or on the surface or inside the products before or after maturing.

Biscuit factories use high-quality ingredients and Biscuit Production Line to produce the most popular cookies for consumers.

The specific process of producing cookies in a biscuit factory is shown below.

1. Raw material pretreatment.

The flour is sifted, sugar is crushed, and other ingredients such as milk powder, shortening, sesame seeds, edible flavors, and salt are added according to the recipe.

2. Dough mixing.

The ingredients are fed into the mixer and the mixing time is about 2-5 minutes. The ingredients will be evenly mixed and kneaded into dough.

3. Roll Forming

The dough is directly rolled into a cookie by a roller press. For some cookies with sesame or peanut sprinkled on the surface, it is necessary to sprinkle the ingredients at this point and wait for baking.

4. Baking

The shaped biscuits are transported into the oven and heated by electric heaters to mature quickly.


The cookies are sprayed with brown oil or rapeseed oil at 40℃ to make the surface more golden and crispy so that the flavor can be more prominent.

6. Cooling

After oil spraying, the biscuits need to be naturally cooled by the cooling line to reduce the moisture to less than 3% to maintain the temperature of the biscuits at about 30℃. After cooling, the biscuits will not become soft after packaging and will still be very crispy when they reach the consumers, and the shelf life can be effectively extended.

7. Packaging

After cooling, the biscuits will be packed by a packaging machine, using high-quality materials and a highly automated way to pack, from feeding, bag making to sealing, etc., which can be done automatically. The packaged cookies are of a higher grade.

8. Finished products

After the packaging inspection, the finished products should be stored at room temperature below 25℃ and relative humidity below 60%.

The above is the specific production process of the biscuit factory. Different types of biscuit production processes are similar. The use of high-quality production equipment can play a multiplier effect and help manufacturers with higher product quality in the competitive market stand out.

The Biscuit Production Line is a new type of equipment developed by our engineers after many experiments. It meets the actual needs of manufacturers and has given impetus to the development of many well-known companies. Nowadays, it has been exported to Singapore, Canada, Australia, Russia, and other countries and regions, contributing to the local biscuits business.

The production line has a very high cost performance. The quality of the equipment is reliable, sturdy, and durable, and not easy to be damaged. Accessories are made of famous international brands, equipped with highly automated production methods and PLC control system, easy to operate and efficient. Manufacturers can get the highest return with the least investment.

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