How are corn flakes made video?

Corn is a very healthy food material. It is one of the three major food crops in the world. It is recognized as the “golden food” because the public is aware of the importance of a healthy diet. More and more people are now eating corn. .As a kind of coarse grain. Corn can not only supplement the human body with sufficient nutrition. And maintain human health. But also does not make people gain weight, also because of the sweet taste of corn. Corn has become one of the most popular coarse grain products.

Various types of food made from corn are also prevalent. And corn flakes are one of them. Corn flakes are one of the most popular breakfast cereals. It is rich in nutrients. Among them, vitamins, protein. And niacin can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, protect eyesight. And maintain the regular operation of body organs. Effect.

In addition, corn flakes can also absorb excess oil in the human body. Reduce fat deposition. And have significant benefits for weight loss, weight loss, and weight loss. It is precise because corn flakes have so many advantages that more and more people like and eat corn flakes. The method of making corn flakes is also known to more people. Some people even go to corn flakes factories to shoot some. The process of corn flakes production will let everyone have a better understanding of corn flakes.

How are corn flakes made the video?

According to the professional technical article on the most cost-effective corn flakes production line in 2021. The experienced technical report shows that the corn flakes production video mainly introduces the various processes. And steps of the manufacturer to produce corn flakes. The video can let the public understand more intuitively the development of the media. People have a deeper understanding of corn flakes. And at the same time, they trust and recognize corn flakes. Eating corn flakes for breakfast has become a new trend.

The video shows that if you want to produce high-quality corn flakes. You must use the Corn Flake Production Line. The corn flakes produced by different equipment will be additional. But the production process is similar.

The production process of corn flakes can be understood from several systems of the equipment:

Automatic batching system

The raw materials needed to produce corn flakes include corn flour, sugar, salt, water, vitamins, minerals, etc. The batching system uses a PCL control system, which can realize automatic batching and accurate weighing. The mixer can also mix the raw materials evenly.

Extrusion system

The leading equipment used in the system is an extruder. The quality level of the extruder will significantly affect the final quality of the corn flakes. The system can realize real-time data storage. Real-time monitoring. Alarm reminders. And other functions to ensure the extrusion With the accuracy and coordination between each component of the machine. The operation is very stable. And a variety of corn flakes of different shapes can be produced by changing the mold.

Pre-drying system

Drying equipment such as dryers can dry the corn flakes to prevent the corn flakes from sticking together. It is more convenient for subsequent tableting processing.

Sugar spray system

The sugar mist machine can evenly spray honey or chocolate on the surface of the corn flakes to make the corn flakes richer in taste. To improve the fluidity and adhesion of the syrup. The roller of the sugar mist machine is constantly rotating and has a heating structure…

Drying system

After spraying the sugar, you need to use a dryer further to dry the corn flakes. To make the corn flakes more crispy.

Automatic bag packaging system

The packaging machine can automatically complete the processes of feeding, measuring. Filling and bag making. Printing the date and inflating and outputting, etc. With high measuring accuracy. High efficiency. And not easy to break materials.

The above is the production process of corn flakes, with the cooperation of these systems. The quality of corn flakes will become very high, and the taste will be more attractive. The food machinery produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. enjoys a very high reputation in the industry and also attracts much attention.

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