How do you make corn flakes industrially?

Corn flakes is a very healthy breakfast cereal. It is mainly light yellow, crispy and delicious. After soaking in milk, it is a rich breakfast. It is very nutritious and rich in protein, carbohydrates, carotene, and riboflavin. A variety of nutrients such as vegetarian are incredibly beneficial to human health. It can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility. And prevent constipation and intestinal cancer. It can also effectively protect our eyes. A strong sense of fruit can reduce our food intake. It is more effective for weight loss. Positive effect.

It is precisely because of the apparent advantages of corn flakes: more and more people are starting to eat corn flakes. The market scale of corn flakes is continuously expanding. And many manufacturers are beginning to produce corn flakes with the progress of the food processing industry. The production of corn flakes has now been highly automated. And the production quality is high and stable.

How do you make corn flakes industrially?

There are two production methods of corn flakes in industry. One is the cooking method, which uses the corn endosperm after peeling and degerming as raw materials. And the processing seasonings are cooked into corn flakes through cooking, pressing, and baking. The second method is extrusion processing. It is also a cornflake processing method that is widely used now. It mainly refers to the raw materials that are extruded and matured. Then cut and pressed and baked into corn flakes. The primary raw materials used are There are corn flour, sugar, salt, and various spices.

To produce corn flakes more in line with market demand. Manufacturers now use the Corn Flake Production Line. It can achieve high efficiency and high-quality production.

According to the professional technical article on the three most cost-effective corn flake production lines in 2021.

The specific process flow is as follows:


The ingredients of corn flakes are essential. The taste and quality of corn flakes have a straightforward relationship with the elements. Suppose manufacturers want to develop for a long time. They must use better quality corn to gain market recognition, as well as various nutrients. Proportion and content are also significant.

Extrusion curing molding

This is a significant step that directly determines the quality of the final product to a large extent. This step requires that the corn must be fully matured without any puffing. Only in this way can we make crispy and delicious corn flakes.


The twin-screw extruder will cut the matured corn and cut it into uniform shapes and sizes. At this time, you only need to change the mold to change the form of the corn flakes. Including round, heart, triangle, and spherical shapes…


The cut corn flakes are transported to the dryer for pre-drying. After the corn flakes are dried, a certain tension will be formed on the surface of the corn flakes. And will no longer adhere to each other. It is conducive to the smooth progress of the tableting.


The tableting process is also the key to the production of corn flakes. This has very high-quality requirements for the tablet press. It is necessary to ensure that the surface of the roll has a high degree of smoothness. And the registration must be kept at a constant temperature.

High-temperature baking

High-temperature baking can make the corn flakes more crispy, taste richer. And the aroma of corn will be more prominent.

cool down

After cooling, the shelf life of the corn flakes can be effectively extended. And the quality of the corn flakes can be effectively improved. If the corn flakes are packaged in a hot state, the heat will damage the packaging bag. And make the corn flakes no longer crisp.


This is the last step in corn flakes processing. The high-precision packaging machine can solve much trouble for manufacturers, and the packaged corn flakes will look higher grade.

The above is the way to produce corn flakes industrially. It seems complicated, but using the production line will become extremely simple, without unnecessary manual intervention, from feeding to packaging can be done automatically at one time, genuinely realizing efficient and automated production.

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