How do you make instant noodles healthy?

Instant noodles are instant noodles that can be devoured by steaming and frying the shredded noodles so that the noodles are fixed in shape and brewed with boiling water before eating. So that the seasonings are dissolved, and the noodles are heated and brewed. After half a century of change and development, nowadays, tastes are changeable, convenient, and fast. And are welcomed by the majority of people!

But studies have confirmed that instant noodles are harmful to health, so how to eat instant noodles is the healthiest! How do you make instant noodles healthy?

To make instant noodles healthier, you can also cook some protein of your choice. You can add an egg to the noodle soup or choose a hard-boiled egg (cut in half), a poached egg, or even a fried egg. If eggs are not for you, you can try adding some lean pork or beef slices.

In fact, from the perspective of the nutritional balance of food, instant noodles are better than traditional staple foods such as steamed bread and rice.

One 、When buying instant noodles, choose non-fried noodles. To ensure health, it is best to purchase reliable instant noodle products that are not fried noodles. Now most manufacturers will choose Instant Noodles Production Line machinery and equipment for production to ensure the cleanliness of food.

Two 、When making bubble noodles, only half of the seasoning bag is used. Seasoning packets, especially powder packets, often contain a lot of monosodium glutamate and salt. To achieve the purpose of stimulating appetite with heavy flavors. Eat less salt and use only half of the noodles to make your instant noodles healthier. Pour out the water from the first instant noodles! If you are worried about too much oil in the noodles or fried mixture, you can soak the noodles in hot water first. And then pour out the water!

Three 、When eating instant noodles, boil a few more slices of vegetables. Since instant noodles almost only provide carbohydrates, the content of fat and protein is low. And vitamins are minimal. Therefore, adding a hard-boiled egg can provide a good supplement of high-quality protein when eating instant noodles. And hot vegetables can also help increase vitamins. Intake.

Four 、After eating the instant noodles, don’t drink the instant noodle soup. Come with a fruit or a cup of soy milk. If you feel thirsty, it proves that the instant noodles are too salty. At this time, using a delicious fruit or a cup of juice, or a cup of milk, a cup of soy milk, etc., instead of noodle soup can give you richer nutrients.

Five 、Instant noodles are just a staple food with oil and salt, and the food category is very monotonous. It cannot replace various foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and milk. If you often use instant noodles to pass a meal, it will cause nutritional imbalance and various micronutrient deficiencies.

If possible, try to cook and eat! Instant noodles are more difficult to digest than ordinary noodles, which is related to the added chemicals! So try to cook as much as possible. The cooked instant noodles can absorb water quickly, which is good for gastrointestinal digestion!

Instant noodles are fast foods. Although it saves trouble and time, long-term eating is not suitable for the body. If you eat it according to the above eating method and eat it infrequently, it will not cause much harm to the body. However, it is recommended to have Empty or cook, cook your delicious meals. Of course, suppose you plan to develop an instant noodle business. In that case, you can focus on the production process of the Instant Noodles Production Line and then select suitable raw materials to produce high-quality instant noodles.