How Was Corn Flakes INVENTED?

Cornflakes are a fast food grain that is often consumed in daily life, which is the most popular cereals casual food in the world. The raw materials used for machining cornflakes are preferably used to use hard horseta type corn, due to the high degree of keratinoids, high transparency after starch is high, and the product appearance is good.

When eating, prepare to a corn flake with boiling water. If you put the cornflakes into the touched soup, you can make a cornflake soup. Currently produced cornflakes, there are light cornflakes, sweet cornflakes and salted cornflakes. The light cornflakes are brown; sweet cornflakes are yellowish brown, and salted jade is yellow.

How Was Corn Flakes INVENTED?

Cornflakes This kind of food is invented by Keith Kellogg. In the early 1990s, he had a large number of experiments with his brothers. It tried to find a new method for cooking grain. After a series of attempts, they accidentally found that the rolled cooked wheat soft block became a thin film. And then After roasted, you can become a breakfast food with very high nutritional value.

Next, Kellogge brothers successfully applied this technology to corn through further experiments. In 1906, Keith Kellog has created a Battle Creek cornflake. Which is the later WK Kellogger. Since then, they vigorously promote the promotion of cornflakes. Until, corn flakes have become a food that is very popular and healthy. Just a bowl, some milk, a spoon, a spoonful of sugar and a box of cornflakes, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Nowadays, the corn flakes are increasingly popular. And the manufacturers who choose to produce corn flakes are also more and more, and a high-quality Corn Flake Production Line can help you better profit.

So what are the advantages of Corn Flake Production LIN?

  1. Direct connection between motors and distribution boxes, less energy loss;
  2. The barrel is equipped with water injection devices, better adapts to raw materials and quality requirements;
  3. Adopt imported bearing group and strong load capacity;
  4. Columns-type combined screws can be combined according to the different raw materials and products;
  5. Linear bearing adjusters, safety, accurate, fast
  6. The large-scale inch pressure roll design makes the tablets thickens and higher yields;
  7. A fitting device is provided in front of the pressure roller, preventing the tablet adhesion, the pressure roll is equipped with anti-stick design, preventing pressure roller adhesive, and stabilizing the quality of the tablets;
  8. All incubation case, efficient use of thermal cycling wind, large energy consumption, high temperature dryer;
  9. The dust can be separated automatically, health and safety;
  10. Automatic intelligent moisture, convenient and quick cleaning device.

Of course, there are two ways to process the cornflakes, you can choose the way to fit your.

Baked cornflake
Corn → Pressurization Cooking → Dry → Temperature → Rolling Tablets → Roasted → Seasoning → Roasted Corn Film

(1) Pressurized and cooked. The grain size of the elbust is approximately the corn granules. In the rotary roller type high pressure cooking pan, add flavor such as sugar and salt, and then add water to 35% to 45% water content. The steam of 174 Diapa is cooked for 1 to 2 hours, and the corn is completely complete. The degree of judgment is determined to be visually observed, i.e., the corn is transparent, it meets the requirements.

(2) in dryness. After the cooking, the steamer pressure is reduced, and the cornite is removed from the messence of the messence by centrifugation. The bonded corn 糁 is dispersed during the cooking process. The corn 糁 is then sent to the dryer drying through the conveyor belt, so that the moisture is reduced to about 20%.

(3) Rolling. After cooling the corn cooker to 30 ° C to 40 ° C, the rolling machine is pressed into a sheet, and the rolling machine consists of a pair of stainless steel light rollers, the roll rotation speed is 180 ~ 200 rpm, and the corn rolling is 0.7 ~ 1 mm. thickness of.
(4) Roasted. Rolled cornflakes are sent to the oven, 302 ° C, 50 seconds or 288 ° C, baked to 3% to 3% or less, and then seasoned, which can be grained, and the taste is baked. Corn flakes [2].

Fried cornflake

Corn → Acid Soak → Medium and Wash → Drops → Grate → Forming → Roasted → Sieves → Fried → Seasoning → Fried Corn Film

The corn sulfurous water is soaked in 16 to 18 hours. And then the amount of lime water is neutralized. The lime water is 0.8%, the neutralization is washed, drained, and drained, enter the grinding of gold and grinding into a fine residue, wet The fine residue is pressed. And a triangular sheet having a length of about 4 to 5 cm and a thickness of 2 to 3 mm, and the high temperature is rapidly baked. And the baking temperature is 371 ° C. After the baking, the belt belt with holes, sieve the fine crumble, enter the oil pan, the frying time is 1 minute. After the fritter enters the flavoring roller, the seasoning is saved, and the package is the fried corn film.