What are packet noodles made of?

Instant noodles mainly include noodles, dehydrated vegetables, and sauces. It is fast food that loves by modern people. The advantage is that it is convenient and quick to meet the rhythm of life in metropolises. Different flours can also make noodles, such as wheat flour, rice flour, and buckwheat flour. There are many flavors for you to choose from.

Because instant noodles are so popular, many people also want to try making instant noodles. So what packet noodles make of?
The noodles of instant noodles are made with wheat flour. Water. Salt. And kansui to increase the elasticity of the noodles with alkaline water. First, the ingredients knead together to create a dough. Next, this dough rolls out and cut into thin noodles. The noodles then steam, dehydrated, and finally packaged.

Of course, many people think that the production process of instant noodles is unsanitary. And maybe harmful to your health. As long as you ensure that the instant noodles you buy in regular supermarkets are completed through professional and precise technical operations, the food is immaculate and hygienic. Nowadays, most instant noodles are made by the brand-new Instant Noodles Production Line.

So how instant noodles produce through the Instant Noodles Production Line?

First, prepare the raw materials: flour, water, oil

1. Kneading and mixing: Sprinkle the mixed liquid on the flour and mix thoroughly to simulate artificial kneading. The stirred dough is also called [raw noodle], and the plain noodle needs to be matured before proceeding to the next step.


Flour: All instant noodle manufacturers add ingredients such as (egg white powder, etc.) based on wheat flour according to their taste.

Water: Add salt and alkaline water (mainly containing sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate) to the water used for mixing noodles and mix well. Adding alkali can neutralize the acid produced by the dough fermentation so that the flavor does not change, and the noodles are more Cheeks but don’t add too much.

2. Cut surface extrusion

The noodle belt is cut into strips through a pair of knife rolls at high speed. And then transferred to the forming mesh belt through the former. Same as the cutting knife speed, the forming mesh belt speed is low. The speed difference between the two causes the noodles to form a wave shape, instant noodles. Unique shape (why should instant noodles be curved? One way of saying is: increasing the contact area between noodles and air, whether cooling, frying, or sanitation of noodles can effectively shorten the time).

3. Steamed noodles

The noodles heat and are steamed by steam. Both fried and non-fried instant noodles will go through this stage. Otherwise, the instant noodles will not be able to eat by soaking.

4. Quantitative section

A rotary knife cuts a circle, which is the weight of a bag. Generally, the noodles are cut into 30 cm long, which is the most suitable length for clamping (before deep-frying, the steamed noodles will be blown. “Blow,” the purpose is to increase the contact area between noodles and air, facilitating rapid and even frying and cooling).

5. Deep frying

Fry the cooked noodles thoroughly at an oil temperature of 130°C to 165°C to complete dehydration and hardening (if the fat quality is good, it will save oil, but the quality of the fried noodles is also excellent).

6. Pack and ship the fried noodles. After the kefir cool. You can enter the final step and add the ingredients to the package. This becomes the instant noodles we see on the market.

The above the detailed steps on what made of instant noodles and how to make them. The Instant Noodles Production Line equipment is an all-in-one production and packaging machine with high automation, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, strong stability, and simple operation. The production line can be replaced at will to create new snack foods. The above advantages of food equipment are proposed by the top five most cost-effective food machinery professional technical articles in 2021. If you want to start an instant noodle business, buying a suitable Instant Noodles Production Line can help you win the most benefit!