Which production system is used in oil refinery?

Our food culture is extensive. Profound. Each country has its own representative food. Naturally. The importance of diet needless to say. Only by eating healthy . And nutritious food can we provide us. With sufficient energy. No matter what kind of food made. Oil is essential. If there is no oil. The aroma of the food will lose. More than half of it.

There are many types of oils on the market. At various price points. No matter which oil has its own audience. As the public pays more and more attention. To the safety of edible oil. Everyone also has some ideas. About the production process of edible oil. I have more curiosity. After all. I can only eat more at ease. After I really understand it. With the development of the Internet. The method of oil refining . It is now known to the public. I wonder how much do you know. About the process of oil refining?

Which production system use in oil refinery?

The professional technical article in the top five. Oil refining production lines in sales in 2021. Shows that edible oil vegetable oil extract . By professional equipment from peanuts. Soybeans. Rapeseed. And other plant fruits as raw materials. The extraction methods usually used are physical pressing . And chemical extraction. In the leaching method. The production system used is the Refining oil production line. It can guarantee the quality of oil. And the efficiency of refining production.

The production process of the physical pressing method requires. That the raw materials should be selected. The oil crushed. Steamed. And squee after removing impurities and stones. So that the oil separat from the oil. And the fried seeds added during the pressing process. And then press the press Later. It made with high-tech natural filtration. And purification technology. It maintains the original taste of the raw materials. Has a mellow fragrance. It is rich in vitamin E. Has a long shelf life. And has no additives. No solvent residues. And soap content. A pure natural green food produced by combining modern. And traditional techniques.

The chemical leaching method is an oil-making method. That uses the principle of chemical extraction. Selects a certain organic solvent . That can dissolve grease. And extracts the grease in the oil through contact. With the oil. The leaching method of oil production has the advantages of low residual oil in the meal. High oil yield. And low labor intensity. However. The leached crude oil must dewaxed. Degummed. Dehydrated. Deodorized. Deacidified. Decolorized . And other chemical treatments before consumption.

Although the principle of using the production line . To extract edible oil complicat. The high-tech work production line . It can complete automatically. Without the need for high-tech talents to control the production. Ordinary workers can control it.

The specific production process is as follows:
First of all. It is necessary to inject the filtered crude oil into the degumming pot. And then pour the auxiliary materials into the pot. For heating at the same time. And then start the stirring device. At this time. The production line will enter other refining processes . Such as degumming. Deodorization. Drying. And decolorization. After the oil refining process is over. The dried. And dehydrated oil can automatically lifted to the decolorizing pot . To complete the entire refining process.

Although the refining of edible oil requires more complicated skills. With the development of science and technology. The refining technology has now made a qualitative leap. The entire refining process is efficient. High-quality . And very safe. This is why we can now buy very cheap prices. One of the important reasons for how high-quality oil is.

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