Why Corn Flakes are made?

Many people now have the habit of skipping breakfast. But this is not a good habit. Long-term skipping breakfast is prone to digestive tract diseases. And can lead to symptoms of malnutrition. At the same time, it is easy to suffer from gallstones. Therefore, eating breakfast on time is very necessary. Major manufacturers have also seen this business opportunity and have begun to produce different types of breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals have now become a new choice for the public. Health and convenience are the main reasons for the popularity of breakfast cereals. Among them, corn flakes are represented in the world. Very popular in the range.

Corn flakes are rich in nutrients. Rich ingredients such as lutein, niacin, and vitamins are highly beneficial to the human body. Suppose you eat corn flakes for breakfast. You can provide us with full power and nutrition. And for people who want to lose weight, corn flakes can enhance the feeling of fullness. And using corn flakes to replace meals can effectively reduce fat intake. Make weight loss easier.
Although corn flakes are widely used as breakfast cereals today, did you know that corn flakes were not initially invented as a breakfast cereal?

Why are Corn Flakes made?

A technical article on the highest-selling corn flakes production line in 2021 shows that corn flakes were invented by the Kellogg brothers in the United States at the end of the 19th century. The purpose of their invention of corn flakes is also extraordinary. Many rumors say that corn flakes were invented to Suppress libido, prevent masturbation. And make the body and mind healthier. The original purpose of the Kellogg brothers creating corn flakes was to provide healthy food for the patients in the nursing home where they worked. But it also has a lot to do with suppressing libido.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. I Will tell you the story about corn flakes in detail:

At the end of the nineteenth century, John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg were actively looking for a portion of healthy vegetarian food to promote the healing of patients. By chance, they had an idea about corn flakes. The initial production was straightforward. Corn is made into thin slivers and eaten after adding a little salt. This kind of food is prevalent among patients.

The original corn flakes can be said to be a tasteless food. Many people don’t understand why such a portion of food is made. John Harvey Kellogg firmly believes that sex hurts the body. So he pursues asceticism. He sleeps in separate rooms with his wife. And even adopts children. Come in John Harvey Kellogg’s concept. Having sex with his wife is a terrible thing. And “masturbation” is an unforgivable act. He even published a book listing 39 symptoms that masturbation can cause: impetuous heart, stiff joints, dysplasia, poor posture, weakness, heart palpitations, epilepsy, acne, etc.

John Harvey Kellogg believes that healthy eating habits can solve the pain of sexual desire; eating lightly can purify the body and mind. And grains and nut foods have the effect of curbing sexual appetite. So corn flakes were born. It can not only help patients recover faster. But also, It can effectively suppress sexual desire, prevent masturbation, and make the body and mind healthier.

Later, to further expand the market, Will Keith Kellogg added sugar to corn flakes. This was very different from the concept of John Harvey Kellogg. Will Keith Kellogg founded the Kellogg company. Today, Kellogg Still a leader in the corn flakes industry.

At the beginning of the invention of corn flakes, an essential process was determined. Corn flakes have always been based on this fundamental process for more than 100 years. Although the production process has not changed too much, it is Under the impetus, and the production equipment has undergone qualitative changes. Today, the Corn Flake Production Line can achieve highly automated processing and production.

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The invention of corn flakes has quite a long history, but now corn flakes have evolved into the most popular breakfast cereal. To make our bodies healthier, I believe that more people will fall in love with corn flakes in the future!