Are corn flakes made from corn on the cob?

The accelerated pace of society has made more and more people busy every day, and the three meals a day have become very manageable. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a meal that keeps us energized throughout the day. If you do not eat breakfast for a long time, the risk of gallstones will increase significantly, so it is necessary to eat breakfast.

Cornflakes are very popular as breakfast cereal, quick and easy to eat, and very nutritious and tasty. So what are the ingredients used to make cornflakes? Is it the corn on the cob?

Are corn flakes made from corn on the cob?

The professional technical article The top 9 corn flake production lines in terms of cost performance in 2021 show that cornflakes are a very popular breakfast cereal that is gaining ground in the market. The cornflakes are also made from corn on the cob as the primary raw material. The production process is complex, and a highly automated production method and quality extrusion technology will be the key to producing quality cornflakes.

Corn flakes are a kind of cereal flakes made from corn flour as the primary raw material, adding a mixture of sugar, various vitamins, and minerals, adding a certain amount of water, and being thoroughly kneaded, steamed, cooked shaped, pressed, and baked. In modern processing, a twin-screw extruder is usually used to complete the full kneading, steaming, and maturing of the cornflour mixture after adding water and cutting and shaping the flakes. Corn flakes are a cereal breakfast food, usually served with milk.

Corn on the cob is the primary raw material for making cornflakes, but there are many different varieties of corn, so choose the right one to make a richer tasting cornflake. The best raw material for processing cornflakes is hard horseradish corn because of its high content of keratin endosperm, high transparency after starch pasting, and good product appearance.

The Corn Flake Production Line, which uses high-quality corn raw materials, will produce high-quality corn flakes, as shown below:

The first step is to select the best quality hard marmalade corn, then add the other ingredients according to the recipe and use a mixer to mix them evenly to form the dough for the next processing step.

Next, the dough will be conveyed into the extruder for extrusion and maturation, which is the most critical step in the production process of tortilla chips. When the dough is extruded under high temperature and pressure, you only need to change the die of the extruder; if you want to produce different shapes of tortilla chips, you can produce flakes, triangles, circles, and other shapes of tortilla chips.

The extruded tortilla chips need to be pre-dried so that the surface of the tortilla chips can dry and not stick together.

After the drying process is completed, the cornflakes are pressed into thin flakes using a flake press, the quality of which also affects the final quality of the cornflakes.

The pressed cornflakes are baked again at high temperatures, and the baked cornflakes are crispier, more fragrant, and have a longer shelf life.

The finished baked cornflakes are the final product. But consumers’ demand has increased now, many manufacturers will also sugar-coat the cornflakes after this step, and the specific treatment process is usually determined by market demand.

In the process of producing corn flakes, quality corn is an important production factor, and quality equipment is also an essential production factor. More and more manufacturers want to use quality production equipment.

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