Are oil refineries bad for the environment?

The improvement of the general economic level and the improvement of the requirements for the quality of life have made the requirements for edible oil higher and higher. So the refining of edible oil has become very common, and more and more people are making huge profits in the industry. The number of oil refining manufacturers has continued to increase.

But the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the refining process of edible oil is complex. Does the manufacturer pollute the environment when refining edible oil?

Are oil refineries bad for the environment?

The professional and technical article The top 3 refining production lines in terms of cost performance in 2021¬†shows that edible oil is vital in our daily life, and we will lose a lot of pleasure without it. The refining of edible oil has become very common. But it must be said that the refining process of the edible oil can be harmful to the environment, and the primary pollutant is the “three waste problems,” namely waste gas, wastewater, and waste residue.

Edible oil refining is usually divided into pressing and leaching, of which leaching is one of the most widely used refining methods.

The leaching method is an oil-making process, using the nature of mutual solubility of oil and organic solvents. The oil is crushed and pressed into embryo pieces or puffed, and then contacted with organic solvents such as hexane and oil embryo pieces in the equipment called leechers to extract and dissolve the oil from the oil, and then remove the solvent from the oil by heating and vaporizing.

The resulting crude oil is then refined by degumming, deacidification, decolorization and distillation, and deodorization and becomes the edible oil we see every day.

It is also determined by the characteristics of the oil refining process, which inevitably impacts the environment. In the production process, the production of wastewater can cause a lot of pollution to the environment, and manufacturers need to treat this wastewater. And if the residues in the wastewater are qualified, they can be composted or used on land.

The exhaust gas contains some particulate matter as well as greenhouse gases, etc. The dust comes from the processing of raw materials, including scavenging, screening, and crushing, while the use of leaching solvents causes the emission of volatile organic compounds, usually n-hexane. During the deodorization process, a small amount of solvent will also be volatilized, which will cause great pollution to the air.

In addition, after the refining of edible oil, there will be a lot of waste residue, such as soybean meal and peanut meal, etc. Whether or not these substances can be used for further processing will be the key to higher profits for the refinery.

Nowadays, edible oil refining has fixed standards, so consumers can safely consume any type of edible oil, which will not cause harm to the human body. But these edible oils can cause damage to the environment during the refining process.

It is also vital for major manufacturers to improve the quality of edible oil production while minimizing the harm caused to the environment. Reducing environmental hazards means protecting the environment and saving production costs, and improving economic efficiency.

Therefore, it is necessary to improve the refining process of edible oil. The use of high-quality production equipment will help manufacturers improve the quality of production and achieve edible oil refining. There will be further processing and production of soybean meal and other products produced in the refining process. After all, the further the product the higher the profit.

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