How do industrial fryers work?

The improvement of living standards. It gives us more choices in our daily life. In terms of diet. Everyone is no longer satisfied with just eating enough. And seek more colorful foods. However, there are thousands of kinds of food. There is no disagree it. Fried food has always been. One of the people’s favorite foods. In the public mind. A lot of food is fried these days. Like snacks. Instant noodles. Some meat products. Even a very ordinary burden becomes delicious. When it’s fried, their flavors will be endless in industrial food processing. Suppose you want to produce high-quality fried food. Factory owners usually use oil pans. The fryer has many advantages. Its working principle. It also has very high technology.

How do industrial fryers work?

Before understanding the specific working principle of the fryer, you need to understand. The elemental composition of the fryer:

1.Primary structure: Automatic control system of oil temperature. Automatic lifting system. Automatic filtering. And slag scraping system.

2.Heating system: Electric heating tube. Thermal oil. Coal. Natural gas. Liquefied gas. Electromagnetic induction heating. Infrared heating

3. Mesh belt conveying system: Frequency conversion speed regulation. Quantitative conveying. And timing conveying

 4. Automatic filtration system: Dynamic circulation system.

The above parts form a piece of complete frying equipment. And each element can achieve perfect coordination. During the working process. When frying, equipment is used to make fried food. The principle of different rates of oil. Water. And animal oil is used too. Make all the residues produced. During the frying process, sink into the water. And the animal fat sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil. It fundamentally solves the traditional frying Residues in the machine—animal fats. And repeated frying makes the fried oil acidified and carbonized, and deteriorated to cause carcinogens. The particular process makes the residue. Animal fat leaves the active layer. And the heating in the middle can effectively control the convection of the upper and lower oil layers. It can ensure the purity of various oil layers. Further, improve the quality of fried foods.

The oil-water mixing technology enables the water below the oil layer. To continuously generate a small amount of steam. And penetrates the oil layer to add moisture to the fried oil. Thereby inhibiting a large amount of oil volatilization. The degree of oxidation of the oil inhibits the generation of acid media, thereby prolonging the life of the fried oil. Reducing waste and effectively saving the use of oil, and not polluting the environment.

The above is the specific working principle of the industrial fryer. This principle can use to produce more delicious fried foods. Now there are many types of frying equipment. The central heating methods are gas—indirect heating by heat transfer oil. Electric heating. And other heating methods. The gas method gradually eliminates due to problems. Such as safety and stability. Now electric heating. And heat transfer oil heating mainly use.

The performance of the fryer will affect the final food quality. And production efficiency. It is choosing a fryer with superior performance. It can significantly improve the production quality. And further, improve economic benefits.

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Fryers are already very common in the food processing industry. The production of many foods requires the use of fryers under the situation of rapid economic improvement. The demand for fried foods will become higher and higher. So!