How does a commercial fryer work?

Fried food has become a popular delicacy all over the world. No one does not love fried food. Although it is full of calories to eat, it is precisely this full of calories that will bring us a sense of happiness. . If you feel that fried foods are not very healthy. You can choose to eat them at intervals. The moderate consumption of fried foods will not bring us any harm, but will make us feel extremely satisfied.

Now all kinds of fried food .

Such as fried chicken, fried fish, and chips are flooding all kinds of commercial streets. And fried food is always indispensable whether it is a restaurant or a street food. In order to make delicious fried foods quickly and with high quality. Businesses need to use commercial frying pans, which are also a must-have kitchenware in modern commercial kitchens.

The use of this equipment can bring great convenience to merchants.

Both the quality and the speed can be improved. The most important thing is that it is very convenient to use. Kitchen novices can also use commercial frying pans to make food.

So How does a commercial fryer work?

Commercial fryer is a very practical equipment, with very superior performance. It is the equipment with the highest usage rate in commercial activities. The fryer is made of stainless steel, with automatic temperature control, automatic discharging. And automatic feeding and automatic mixing functions. According to the professional technical article in the most cost-effective fryer in 2021. The working process of the fryer is to fry the raw materials into the fryer from time to time.

Add the oil to the fryer, lift and pour the oil into the de-oiling cylinder to de-oil the oil.

One gas synthesis. The temperature, frying time, and de-oiling time are all automatically controlled by the PC. The frying effect is stable and uniform, and the oil content of the food can be effectively controlled, so that the color, fragrance and taste of the fried product are excellent.

The fried food in the traditional fryer is easy to fry and burnt.

And the oil after repeated frying is black and has many impurities. The fried food is not good for health. The oil-water mixed fryer uses the most advanced frying technology in modern science and technology, and its performance is very superior.

The water in the lower layer can filter the impurities in the oil.

The fried food not only has good color, aroma and taste, but also has a clean and beautiful appearance. It also improves the quality of the product, extends the shelf life, and is free of carcinogens, which is beneficial to health.

This is also the reason why more and more businesses are starting to use commercial frying pans.

Frying pans can provide businesses with great convenience and help manufacturers attract more consumers with high-quality fried food. The method of use is also It is very simple, simple and easy to operate so that many friends who can’t cook can also make perfect fried food.
How to use the fryer:

First turn on the main power of the fryer and the switch of the pan.And before turning on, make sure that there is no flammable material around the fryer and keep it clean and tidy.
Pour vegetable oil into the fryer.Generally speaking, the fryer has the maximum filling line. Just pour the oil according to the filling line. Do not pour too much, otherwise you will burn yourself when the hot oil boils. After pouring the oil, set the temperature control switch on the pot to the required value and wait for the oil temperature to rise.

After the oil rises to the set temperature.

Place the ingredients along the edges to ensure that the ingredients are dry and free of moisture. After the frying is finalized, gently flip it to fry the other side. After the frying is complete, remove the food.

Then set the temperature of the thermostat to the lowest scale.

Turn off the power and the pot switch, wait until the oil cools, pour it out, and then clean the fryer. Cleaning after each use is very necessary, which can effectively extend the service life of the fryer.

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Fried food occupies a very high position in our daily life, and the demand will only increase in the future. If you also want to engage in this industry, please contact us and let us help you!