What machines are used to make biscuits?

Biscuits are a typical snack, and there are many types. There are salty biscuits and sweet biscuits. Both children and adults like to eat this kind of food. The high-calorie content in biscuits can replenish the energy the body needs. And it can also make the body’s immune system stronger.

Many people like to bake. And occasionally try to make biscuits at home. So what machines use to make biscuits?

  1. If you choose to make simple biscuits at home. It would be best if you prepared a household oven and bakeware.
  2. If you want to develop a biscuit business for production and sales. You need an efficient Biscuit Production Line.

Biscuits are very rich in carbohydrates. They are also an essential nutrient for the body. It can provide the calories needed by the body and supplement the dietary fiber needed by the body. Cookies are not only delicious but also easy to make. People who like to eat biscuits can also try to make them at home. Do you know how to make biscuits at home?

To make biscuits at home, mainly use an electric oven and an electric mixer. Generally, an electric range uses to replace the wall oven. The electric oven can use when it power on. It is more convenient to use. It can use to bake biscuits, cakes, and slices of bread, and other snacks. And it can also be used to roast vegetables and meat. The main body of the electric mixer is a motor. It is equipped with two mixing heads, an egg-beating head, and a noodle-stirring stick. The electric mixer can make the mixing process faster and make the material mixing more evenly.

Here are the steps for making cookies:

1. Preparation materials: low-gluten flour, powdered sugar, eggs, and butter.

2. Production steps: prepare the required materials. You can start making it. The method is straightforward (the butter will be softened in advance in the greenhouse). Pour the powdered sugar into the softened butter.

3. Then mix the powdered sugar and butter. And send it to the baking tray.

To prevent oil and water from separating. Add the dispersed egg liquid three times at a time until the egg liquid and butter are thoroughly mixed before adding the next time, adding low-gluten flour. Mix the low flour and butter evenly.

4. Put it into a piping bag. Cover the baking tray with greased paper. Then squeeze out the pattern.

5. Bake in the oven. Preheat the oven 180 degrees and heat it for 18 minutes in the middle until the surface turns golden. The biscuits made in this way are delicious, sweet, and delicious.

Anyone who likes to eat biscuits can make their biscuits at home according to the above steps. The method is simple. And it is delicious to eat it by yourself or give it to friends. The biscuits made by yourself can be consumed safely and deliciously without worrying about the health effects of too many additives.

Except for the methods that can be used to make biscuits in the household oven in daily life. The biscuits we see in the market are all made through the Biscuit Production Line.

According to the technical article on the top ten automatic food production lines in 2021, Biscuit Production Line covers the characteristics of various biscuit production lines. These pieces of equipment have made great efforts to be flexible and adapt to multiple products at the beginning of production design. Our Biscuit Production Line can arbitrarily combine and disassemble the equipment according to the user’s site requirements and biscuit process requirements. And change the mold and process formula to produce different types of biscuit products. This production line set can be combined to create various kinds of biscuits, such as butter biscuits. Sandwich biscuits. Soda biscuits. And vegetable biscuits.

Biscuit Production Line process flow:

Kneading machine→forming machine (roll cutting, roll printing)→tunnel baking oven (electric heating/gas heating)→fuel injection machine→turning machine (no need for sufficient workshop)→cooling conveying→biscuit finishing machine→sandwich machine→ package

Biscuit Production Line equipment is novel in design, compact in structure, and highly automated from feeding to calendering, forming, waste recycling, drying, oil injection, and cooling. It can be fully automated at one time.

The above are two methods of making biscuits. Suppose you have an idea to start a biscuits business. You can consult us—any questions about the biscuit production line. We can help you answer!

The biscuit production line can produce different types of biscuit products by changing the mold and process formula.