What is a commercial grade microwave?

What is a commercial grade microwave? How much is your INDUSTRIAL MicroWave Food Proce? If you are interested, let’s take a look at the content below.

The commercial microwave oven is heated by microwave in a non-contact manner. Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional processes. And the effect is more remarkable. The characteristics of microwave heating make the material surface and the inside heat in the heat, fast heating, high work efficiency. While drying dehydration, microwave can also achieve the purpose of sterilizing food.

Features of the food grade microwave:

1, Industrial MicroWave Food Proce almost no waste, high efficiency.
2, PLC computer control system for high precision control of dry humidity, temperature, and time.
3, keep fresh, bactericidal temperature, can protect the nutrients in the food.
4, the microwave oven is easy to control, can be used for continuous drying food, simple operation, saving manual.
5, the material contains easy to absorb microwave heat, and therefore, there is no other thermal loss in addition to a small amount of transmission loss. Therefore, heat efficiency is higher, more energy saving. And heats energy saving than far infrared rays 1/3.

Microwave oven work process:

The microwave oven is a cooking appliance that uses food to absorb microwave energy in the microwave field. The microwave generated by the microwave oven microwave generator establishes a microwave electric field in the microwave oven, and takes certain measures to make this microwave electric field as evenly distributed in the furnace chamber, put food into the microwave electric field, controlled its cooking time by the control center. And microwave electric field strength to make a variety of cooking processes.

Differences between commercial microwaves and home microwaves:

Commercial microwaves refer to microwave cavity and powerful microwave oven, and power is generally over 6KW, the device (transformer, magnetron, diode, capacitance, cavity door, waveguide, etc.) is industrial, can be continuous 24 hours of production, mainly used in the experimental equipment and production of research institutes, can be used in the heating, sterilization, drying, baking, catalysis, and extraction.

The power of the household microwave is only around 500 w to 1000W, which is a modern cooking cooker that uses food to absorb microwave energy in the microwave field. It is a modern cooking cookware that is home to cook rice. The furnace cavity is also small. Can put a disc of a disc, there is still a long time, such as long working, easy to burn the electrical appliance.

Composition of commercial level microwave:

Commercial grade microwaves are multi-pipe tunnel microwaves composed of microwave heaters, microwave generators, microwave suppressors, mechanical transmission mechanisms, exhaust wetting systems, and automatic control systems.

Microwave dryer application:

  1. Chemical raw materials, pills or pills, such as water pills, water honey pills, honey pills, concentrated pills, Tibeta, etc.
    2, various tea, herbs, flowers, green leaves, etc.
    3, various dry meat, such as beef, pork, chicken, duck, fish, etc.
  2. Powder of various raw materials, such as fragrances, other food additives.
    5, agricultural products such as jujube, nuts, grain, peanuts, etc.
    6, snacks, fruit seeds, cereals, peanuts, potato chips, etc.

Commercial grade microwave is a new type of drying equipment with high production efficiency and low operating costs, is also an efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment, especially for foods with sterilization and preservation function when drying. The main components of the equipment are manufactured by 304 # stainless steel, in line with the pharmaceutical equipment GMP standard, the whole machine adopts modular design, easy to clean, easy to operate. The equipment has been widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, building materials and other industries.