Why do food items need packaging?

What is food packaging?

Why does food need packaging?

How to improve the quality of food packaging?

No matter what type of food we buy, we can find a packaging layer outside the food. Some are bag-type packaging, some are carton-type packaging, packaging in various forms, and even sometimes the value of the packaging is much higher than the value of the food itself, which many consumers do not understand.

The packaging seems to be more and more important in the food processing industry. So why do manufacturers pay so much attention to food packaging, and why do foods need packaging?

First, let us understand what food packaging is?

The so-called food packaging simply means that the packaging is used as a carrier, container, and the food is sealed and packaged, and then the color of the pattern is printed on the outer layer of the package. The color of the design depends on the type of food and what the company wants to display. Because of the property of “food,” it is necessary to ensure the safety of packaging, non-toxic. The most commonly used food packaging materials are PP, PE, aluminum foil, PET, etc.

Food packaging is the last step in the modern food processing industry, and is one of the most important steps, both for the food and the factory, has a vital significance.

Why do food items need packaging?

1. Protect food and extend the shelf life of food

2. The packaging makes the food more convenient for circulation

3. Special packaging technology to avoid contamination of food

4. Promote the rational and planned distribution of food

5. Promote competition and sales of food products

The most direct meaning of food packaging is to play a protective role of food. The packaged food reduces the contact with the outside and will not cause damage to the appearance quality of the food during transportation. At the same time, food in the packaging will be used sterilization, refrigeration, and other technologies, can effectively prevent the occurrence of food spoilage, retain the nutrition in the food, and extend the shelf life.

Packaged food is more convenient to circulate. Especially some liquid food or fragile food, it can be transported to more distant places after packaging to promote the exchange of food between different regions. More consumers can taste the different flavors of different regions.

In addition, some fresh foods are very rancid and are not easy to transport far away. Such as fruits and aquatic products,  packaging can effectively reduce waste and increase the variety of foods after being made into various cans in the production area. Canned goods are less expensive to transport and require lower transportation conditions than fresh food directly, so it can effectively promote the rational and planned distribution of food.

Quality packaging can attract more consumers, further enhance the brand’s image, and promote the development of enterprises, so many manufacturers are now putting a lot of effort into the packaging of food to expand the market scale further.

How to improve the quality of food packaging?

In order to improve the quality of food packaging, in addition to having a more attractive design that can fully highlight the characteristics of the food and corporate image, it is also necessary to use more high-quality equipment. Only equipment with superior performance can fully display the design concept and further improve the quality of packaging.

The food packaging line is the equipment that many manufacturers use now, with superior performance, making a great contribution to manufacturers to improve economic efficiency.

The food packaging line is a new machine developed by our engineers after repeated tests and summing up the advanced experience at home and abroad. It has a very high-cost performance. The whole line is reliable, long-lasting, compact, with a small footprint and easy to clean, and can achieve a high degree of automation and high efficiency and quality.

We can provide customized services. You only need to tell us your packaging needs. Our engineers will communicate with you, tailor the most suitable packaging equipment for you, and contribute a small force to your processing and production.

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