What is extruder machine used for?

Technology is the first productive force, the progress of science and technology to promote the development of all walks of life, food processing industry is also the same. In the rapid growth of society, consumer demand is also increasing, fast and efficient production of high-quality food is a must for every manufacturer. Therefore, the traditional manual processing has been gradually eliminated by the times, replaced by various food processing machinery.

The extruder is the most widely used food machinery, will be applied in many different categories of food processing. After generations of engineers’ research and development, the most advanced extrusion machines are now single-screw extruders or twin-screw extruders, which provide us with various delicious and nutritious food products.

What is extruder machine used for?

The professional and technical article Top 10 Extrusion Equipment for Cost-Effectiveness in 2021 shows that extruders originated in the 18th century. The world’s first extruder was manual and could only be used for the production of lead pipes. With the progress of technology and the development of the times, today extruders have very superior performance. They are widely used in many industries such as plastics, electronics, and food, providing us with a high quality of life.

The extruder is a screw reactor. Extrusion is a series of processes, including mixing, molding, expansion, and drying. Single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders are the two main types of extruders based on screw construction. Twin-screw extruders can be co-rotating or counter-rotating depending on the direction of rotation.

Today we use extruders in a wide range of applications in many industries.

Plastics (can produce a variety of laminated films, laminated sheets, plates, profiles, and tubes .)

Food (breakfast cereals, soy protein, brewed foods, snack foods, etc.)

Feed (cattle feed, pig feed, dog food, and cat food, etc.)

Catalysts (high alumina, gels, kaolin carriers, molecular sieves, etc.)

Rubber (tires, inner tubes, wires, and cables, etc.)

Extruders are used in a wide range of applications in almost every industry, including the food processing industry, closely related to extruders.

Among the extruders, the most basic and versatile is the single-screw extruder in general. Its main components include transmission, charging device, barrel, screw, head, mouth die, and other six parts.

What kind of principle is the extruder based on for such a powerful function?

The last thread at the mouth of the material starts to be called the conveying section: here, the material is required not to be plasticized, but to be preheated, pressed, and squeezed solid.  In the past, the old extrusion theory considered that the material here is a loose body, but later by proving that the movement of the material here is similar to a solid piston. Therefore, complete the task of conveying is its function.

The second section is called the compression section. At this time, the volume of the screw tank gradually becomes smaller from large, and the temperature should reach the degree of plasticization of the material. Compression is generated here by the conveying section three, where the compression to one, which is called the compression ratio of the screw – 3 ﹕ 1, some machines also have changes to complete the plasticization of the material into the third section.

The third section is the metering section. The material maintains the plasticizing temperature, just like a metering pump, accurate, quantitative delivery of molten material to supply the head, the temperature at this time can not be lower than the plasticizing temperature, generally slightly higher.

Whether in any industry, the extruder plays a vital role. Manufacturers can only use a high-quality extruder to improve market competitiveness.

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