Are instant noodles freeze dried?

Are instant noodles freeze dried? First of all, understand the whole physical process of instant freeze-dried noodles, low-temperature vacuum freezing, sublimation and dehydration, which are characterized by non-fried, flavor-locking, fresh-keeping, and aroma-keeping, just like fresh cooking in the kitchen. Freeze-dried noodles are named after being dehydrated in a vacuum environment of minus 30 degrees. The cakes and ingredients of freeze-dried noodles are all freeze-dried, including the water in the noodle soup. Freeze-dried noodles belong to Instant noodles The category is different from instant noodles only in the production process, and the ingredients are richer than instant noodles.

The difference between freeze-dried noodles and instant noodles is: freeze-dried noodles are instant noodles processed by freeze-drying technology. They are characterized by being non-fried and rich in ingredients and generally require cooking; while instant noodles are made by steaming and frying the noodles that come out of the shredding, thus giving them a fixed shape and generally allowing them to be eaten raw.

Freeze-dried noodles use vacuum freeze-drying technology to quickly freeze fresh noodles, soups and vegetables. Thirty degrees Dehydration and drying are completed in a vacuum environment. Freeze-dried noodles are like other instant noodles. You only need to add water to restore the original appearance, and the color, aroma and taste remain basically unchanged.

And because freeze-dried noodles use vacuum freeze-drying technology, the physical and chemical structure of the food is not changed by high temperature, so its nutrient content is not lost, and it is basically the same as fresh food. In addition, high Up to 95% The dehydration rate of the food greatly extends the shelf life of the food, and it can be stored at room temperature for more than five years without damaging the packaging.

Instant noodles, also known as fast-food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles, quick-cooking noodles, instant noodles, and instant noodles, are called doll noodles in Hong Kong. They are noodles that can be cooked and eaten in hot water within a short period of time.

However, due to modern people’s aversion to fat, fried instant noodles have been criticized. The vacuum freeze-drying technology maintains the freshness and nutrition of the food. It does not contain fat and can extend the shelf life of the food. Therefore, freeze-dried noodles are compared with instant noodles. Has become more and more popular with consumers.

Instant Noodles Production Line is the best choice for processing freeze-dried noodles. The investment of this production line is only one-tenth of that of large-scale equipment. It is especially suitable for small or self-owned enterprises. The instant noodles produced by this production line are tough, smooth, and transparent, and are easily saturated by water.

Production line equipment composition:
Dough machine—roller—boiler—cutting machine—frying machine—cooling machine

Description of each equipment of the production line:

1. Mixer/dough machine

The main function of the flour mixer is to mix flour, salt, alkali, water and other additives evenly, which is the first step in making instant noodles.
2. Double pressure forming machine

(1) This equipment consists of five pairs of lower rollers and wave generators.
(2) Function: Press the mixed raw materials into a strip, roll the strip to make it thin, and finally cut it into strips with a cutting knife, and the wave shaper will form a wave on each strip.
(3) The speed of this equipment is adjusted by the frequency converter, which is easy to control and operate.

3. Boiler

(1) This equipment is composed of body frame, boiling box, conveyor belt and steam pipeline.
(2) The wavy noodles are cooked by steam when they pass through the shell, and have the characteristics of strength and transparency after boiling.
(3) Adjustable speed, compatible with press forming machine.
4. Automatic creping and cutting machine

(1) This equipment is composed of a cutter, a folding part, a conveying net, a frame, and a transmission part.
(2) Main function: Cut the noodles into a certain length. Different lengths mean different weights. After the automatic folding process, the noodles are easier to put into the frying container.
5. Fryer

(1) This equipment is composed of stainless steel frame, oil tank, heat exchanger, transmission part, frying forming box and forming machine part.
(2) The main function of this equipment is to fry and dehydrate the cooked noodles. The fried noodles will become square or round, and each piece is the same.

6. Cooling machine

The equipment consists of a frame, a cooler and a conveying plate, and its function is to quickly cool the fried noodles.

Instant Noodles Production Line is improved on the basis of the research of domestic and foreign technology, the processing line has perfect process, compact structure, novel design and stable performance. It has the features of high automation, easy operation, low energy consumption, small investment and low risk. The line can produce square and round corrugated instant noodles by replacing different forming molds. The two shapes have good elasticity and delicious taste, which is the first choice for food processing enterprises.