What machinery is used to make biscuits?

The improvement of living standards has given us more choices in our diet. People are no longer satisfied with simply eating full, and are pursuing more dietary diversity. Nowadays, biscuits have become one of the most popular snack foods. Loved by people of all ages.

Biscuits are the food with the highest proportion in the supermarkets. The dazzling array of foods will always make people picky, which is enough to prove how popular the biscuits are. Nowadays, the improvement of economic level also makes consumers have higher requirements for biscuits, and manufacturers also need to continuously improve production efficiency and production technology to satisfy consumers. What equipment do manufacturers usually use when producing biscuits?

What machines are used to make biscuits?

The key for manufacturers to improve production efficiency and production quality is to use high-quality food machinery for production. Equipment that can realize highly automated production is the best choice for manufacturers. Now the Biscuit Production Line has been unanimously welcomed by manufacturers. Its specific equipment includes mixing dough. Machines, molding machines, ovens, fuel injection machines, cooling machines, packaging machines and conveyor belts, etc. The above content is borrowed from the top ten biscuit production lines in the professional technical article in 2021.

The specific functions of various equipment in this production line are as follows:
Kneading machine
The main function of the dough mixer is a machine that mixes flour, water and some other ingredients into dough, which can achieve rapid and uniform mixing, and is widely used in the production of various cakes, biscuits, breads and other foods.

Forming Machine
The mixed dough is conveyed into the forming machine and formed into a biscuit embryo after being formed by roller printing. After being conveyed into the oven, it can be made into various types of delicious biscuits.

The equipment uses a variety of heating methods, electric heating or gas heating, etc., which can realize the control of the temperature zone and the uniform temperature in the temperature zone. It has an advanced temperature control system, automatic temperature control and constant temperature, flexible operation, high safety performance, and suitable for baking All kinds of biscuits, the baking efficiency is high, and the biscuits taste good.

Fuel injection machine
The main function of the equipment is to spray oil on the surface of the biscuits to make the color, fragrance and taste of the biscuits more distinctive and effectively improve the quality of the biscuits.

After the production of the biscuits is completed, the biscuits need to be cooled. Cooling can prevent the biscuits from returning moisture in the packaging bag, which can effectively retain the flavor of the biscuits and extend the shelf life of the biscuits.

Packing Machine
The last step in the production of biscuits is packaging. The packaging machine can realize automatic packaging, bag making and edge sealing, etc. It has a variety of edge sealing methods for manufacturers to choose, and the packaged biscuits are of higher grade.

Conveyor belt is a necessary equipment running through the entire production line, which can realize automatic transmission, and there are multiple transmission methods, not only limited to horizontal transmission, the transmission process is clean, sanitary and pollution-free, and will not cause biscuits to break.

The above is the equipment used in the process of producing biscuits. Each type of equipment is indispensable. This is the most advanced biscuit production technology handed down after years of development. This production method can be used to the greatest extent. To ensure the quality of biscuits and improve the production efficiency of manufacturers, this is also the key to many well-known manufacturers to have a broad market. For small and medium enterprises, the use of highly automated production lines will effectively increase economic profits.

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