What is food extruder machine?

Casual food is the most consumed food in our daily life. Whenever we go to the supermarket, we always purchase a big bag of snacks to store for consumption when we are tired at work and entertaining guests when they visit us. The progress of technology is also promoting the development of the food processing industry, and mechanized production has become the primary way to produce leisure food.

The production of snack foods often uses extruders. And this type of equipment is found in almost all snack food processing plants and is very versatile, and directly impacts the final quality of the food. Many companies are looking for better quality extruders for their production, so what exactly is an extruder?

What is food extruder machine?

Professional and technical article 2021 sales ranked in the top three food extruders shows that the food processing industry has undergone enormous change. Technology has become the first productive force, and the extruder is indispensable in the food processing industry. The application is also extensive. Extruder belongs to one of the types of plastic machinery, originated in the 18th century. The equipment relies on the pressure and shear force generated by the rotation of the screw, which can make the material wholly plasticized and uniformly mixing, through the mouth die molding.

Extruders are a highly used machine in the modern food processing industry, used in many types of food, such as pet food, casual puffed food, soy protein meat, brewing industry, macaroni, etc. Extruders make many foods around you. Using extruders can provide consumers with high-quality food. The food produced has a lot of advantages.

Food extruders offer a variety of advantages when producing food products.

Good versatility

High production capacity

Low cost

Variety of product shapes

Hygienic, low nutritional losses, and high digestibility

High utilization of energy

Easy production of new foods

Almost no loss of nutrients in the food material

Nowadays, food products produced with extruders are popular and very well accepted by consumers. More and more manufacturers are improving the quality of their products by using high-quality extruders. I wonder if you know how extruders work?

What is the principle of the extruder?

Food materials containing sure moisture in the extruder are subjected to the thrust of the screw, the inner wall of the sleeve, the reverse screw, the blocking effect of the forming die, the heating effect of the outer wall of the sleeve, and the heating effect of the frictional heat between the screw and the material and the sleeve. Thus the material and the interior of the screw sleeve generate a large amount of frictional heat and conduction heat under the action of these combined factors so that the material inside the barrel is in a High temperature and high-pressure state. Once the die head extrudes the material, the pressure drops to normal pressure, the water in the material instantly flashes and vaporizes. The temperature drops immediately, causing the material to become a swollen food with a specific shape of the porous structure.

Various types of food produced by using extruders are popular in the market. The performance of the extruder will primarily affect the quality of food. Manufacturers must use high-quality extruders to improve market competitiveness.

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