How instant noodles are manufactured ielts?

Instant noodles are a very popular fast food in modern society. For many people with heavy work and study tasks, instant noodles are the best food. Different from some other fast foods. Instant noodles are full of aroma after being brewed with boiling water, and the taste is very rich. Its unique taste makes many people not only regard it as an occasional need. But more often as a daily food.

Nowadays, instant noodles are in a very large demand in the global market. According to the statistics of the World Instant Noodle Association: In 2017, the global demand for instant noodles was about 100.1 billion, of which China’s demand was 38.97 billion, ranking first in the world. Indonesia’s annual demand is 12.62 billion copies, ranking second in the world. As a result of the huge demand, more and more manufacturers want to engage in this industry. Do you know how instant noodles are produced?

How instant noodles are manufactured ielts?

The professional technical article in the highest quality instant noodle production line in 2021 shows that instant noodles are a kind of instant food widely spread around the world, and the demand is huge, and its production process is also more complicated. It uses flour, starch, whole egg powder and edible salt. With food additives as raw materials, it is made through multiple steps such as mixing noodles, pressing noodles, steaming, stretching, cutting, frying, cooling, and feeding.

The following is the specific production process of instant noodles:
Make noodles
Add salt and alkaline water to the water used for making noodles and stir evenly. Adding alkali can neutralize the acid produced by the dough fermentation, so that the flavor does not change, and the noodles are more gluten. Different proportions of flour, starch, and gluten are individually weighed and then put into a mixer and mixed with water.

Pressed noodles
The dough can be rolled into a smooth dough through continuous rolling by a rolling mill. After that, the noodles pass through a pair of knife rolls at high speed and are cut into strips. The extruder will squeeze the noodles into a bend. The instant noodles we eat are basically bent. The main reason why manufacturers do this is that bent noodles can increase the contact area between noodles and air, and can effectively shorten the time whether it is subsequent cooling, frying or noodle cooking.

Steamed noodles
The raw noodles are transported to the steaming box. After two minutes of steaming, the noodles will be stretched, which can make the noodles more evenly coated with oil, and then apply oil to the noodles to prevent the noodles from sticking together.

One turn of the rotary knife is the weight of a pack of instant noodles. After the noodles are cut into uniform noodles, it becomes the semi-finished product of instant noodles.

The semi-finished instant noodles are transported to the deep fryer for high-temperature frying, so that the instant noodles can be shaped, dehydrated and hardened to become a porous structure, and then drained.

cool down
The temperature of the instant noodles after frying is relatively high, so they need to be cooled down to allow the noodles to cool to 35°C ~ 40°C. The cooled noodles will not return to moisture and become soft after packaging, which can ensure the quality of the noodles and effectively extend the shelf life.

The final step in the production process of instant noodles is packaging. An assembly line is used to place seasoning packets on the noodles. After that, the packaging machine will automatically make bags and pack the noodles. This has become the instant noodles we buy every day.

The above is the specific production process of instant noodles. There are many process steps. Faced with such a huge demand, manufacturers can only guarantee the quality and efficiency of instant noodle production by using highly automated production equipment. The Instant Noodles Production Line is a new type that is very recognized by the manufacturers. equipment.

The Instant Noodles Production Line is a new equipment developed by our engineers combining advanced domestic and foreign experience. It has a very high cost performance, stable and reliable quality, and very high production efficiency. The entire production line only needs 1-2 people to complete the production. , Low labor cost and high production quality. The production line is low in price and very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the production line can be used to produce a variety of instant foods, instant noodles, instant rice noodles, etc., with a wide range of applications.

The use of high-quality equipment can provide manufacturers with the highest production quality and production efficiency, which is the key to expanding the market scale. If you need it, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!