How instant noodles are manufactured ielts?

Instant noodles are a prevalent instant food in modern society, which is the best food for people with a heavy workload. Unlike some other instant food, instant noodles are aromatic and rich in taste after brewing boiling water. Their unique taste makes many people use them as an emergency and as daily food.

Today, instant noodles are in very great demand in the global market, according to the World Instant Noodle Association statistics: the global demand for instant noodles in 2017 was about 100.1 billion, of which China’s demand was 38.97 billion, ranking first in the world, and Indonesia’s annual demand was 12.62 billion, ranking second in the world. So that the vast market has attracted more and more manufacturers who want to engage in this industry, so do you understand how to produce instant noodles?

How instant noodles are manufactured ielts?

The professional technical article top high-quality instant noodle production line in 2021 shows that instant noodles are a kind of instant food widely circulated globally. The demand is enormous. Its production process is also relatively complex, using flour, starch, whole egg powder, edible salt, and food additives as raw materials, after and noodles, pressing, steaming, stretching, cutting, frying, cooling, feeding, and other steps to make.

The following is the specific production process of instant noodles.


The water used for mixing the noodles is mixing with salt and alkaline water in proportion. The addition of alkali neutralizes the acid produced by the fermentation of the dough, keeps the flavor from changing, and makes the noodles more al dente. Different proportions of flour, starch, and gluten are weighed separately, put into the mixer with water, and mix well.

Noodle pressing and cutting

The dough is crushed into a smooth dough by the continuous grinding of the rolling machine, after which it passes through a pair of knife rollers at high speed and cut into strips, and the extruder will squeeze the noodles into curved ones. Thus, we consume instant noodles that are curved. The main reason why manufacturers do so is that curved noodles can increase the contact area of noodles and air. Therefore, whether it is after cooling, frying, or cooking noodles can effectively shorten the time.


Transporting the raw noodles to the steamer, and after two minutes of steaming, stretching the noodles to make them more evenly coated with oil, followed by oiling the noodles to prevent them from sticking together.

Cutting the noodles

The noodles are cut into evenly sized pieces and then become semi-finished instant noodles.


The semi-finished instant noodles are transferred to a deep fryer for high-temperature frying to allow the noodles to set and harden into a porous structure and then drained.


After frying, the instant noodles are hot and need to let cool down to 35℃~40℃. After cooling, the noodles will not become soft and damp after packaging, which can ensure the quality of the noodles and effectively extend the shelf life.


The last step in the production process of instant noodles is packaging, using an assembly line to place seasoning packets on the noodles. Finally, the packaging machine will automatically make bags and pack the noodles, which will become the instant noodles we buy every day.

The above is the specific production process of instant noodles. The process steps are relatively large. In the face of such a huge demand, manufacturers can only use highly automated production equipment to ensure the quality and efficiency of instant noodles production. Instant Noodles Production Line is a new type of equipment very recognized by manufacturers.

Instant Noodles Production Line is a new machine developed by our engineers with advanced experience at home and abroad. It has a very high-cost performance, stable and reliable quality, and high production efficiency. The whole line can be produced by only 1-2 people, with low labor cost and high production quality. The production line is inexpensive, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the use of the production line can produce a variety of instant food, instant noodles, instant rice noodles, etc., can be made, a wide range of applications.

The use of high-quality equipment can provide manufacturers with the highest production quality and production efficiency, which is the key to expand the market scale. So, if you need, welcome to contact us. We will be happy to serve you!