Are extruded foods bad for you?

Puffed food is a new type of food developed internationally in recent years. It is cereals, beans, potatoes, vegetables, and other raw materials. The Food Extruder Machine processes these materials to create a wide variety, exquisite appearance, nutritious, crispy, and fragrant food. Therefore, it uniquely formed a large category of food. Due to the production of this puffed food equipment structure is simple, easy to operate, less investment in equipment, quick returns, so the development of very rapid, and has shown great vitality.

We often eat snacks in our daily lives are puffed food, such as potato chips, wafers, popcorn, etc. They taste crispy and sweet, loved by the public. However, we think that puffed food is not suitable for our health. Whether the consumption of puffed food is as bad for the body as the rumors say? Here we will discuss Are extruded foods bad for you?

First of all, extruded foods’ raw materials are cereal, beans, corn, potatoes, and other coarse grains, vegetable protein, and vegetables as raw materials to produce. These ingredients are natural materials in the puffing process. Therefore, if there are no excess additives and excessive consumption, it is undoubtedly nutritious and very healthy food for the human body.

It is true that puffed food in the puffing process, if the excessive increase in additives, there may be high fat, high calorie, high salt, high sugar, MSG, “five high a more.”Combined with excessive eating, it will cause “puffed food is not good for the body.” But it can not Let the “puffed” processing method carry this “black,” the culprit is not “puffed,” but excessive additives and excessive consumption!

Puffed food is not only not junk food and more easily digested and absorbed by the body; at the same time, puffed food raw materials are mainly cereals, beans, corn, potatoes, and other coarse and fine grains made of starch, can completely replace the staple food. But, of course, those workshop-style processing methods, the production of highly contaminated puffed food, mainly lead contamination, such as popcorn, is the real junk food!

Secondly, even though many people stigmatize puffed food, but we love to eat, not only for the reasons mentioned above, there are reasons for these roles: First, the tip of our tongue contains the taste buds “CD36” the part of a protein; second, the role of the human gene preference for sugar and fat; third, the role of eating more addictive. Fourth, as one of the leisure food, puffed food has a stress-relieving effect.

But no matter what, puffed food “we all love to eat” does not mean that you can eat more, or not often. On the contrary, as long as the consumption is moderate or beneficial, excessive consumption, like excessive rice consumption, will be excess nutrients. The accumulation of fat results in high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, triggering diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease, etc.

Puffed food is processed by the Food Extruder Machine, which can adapt the die of the extruder to produce a variety of different shapes of puffed food, rice packets, puffed snacks, cookies, nutritional powders, baby food, etc. by adjusting the die of the extruder. After extrusion and puffing of cereals, the formed products are larger in size, puffy in texture, crispy in taste, starch formation, increased water solubility, and easy to be absorbed by the human body, and thus are famous all over the world.

The food extruder is all made of stainless steel. The line is reasonably designed, with screws made of alloy steel and special technology, with longer screw life, and a building block structure, which can have any combination—forced lubrication system by ensuring the equipment transmission life longer. The visualized automatic temperature control system, which makes temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate.

In general, puffed food is rich in nutrients. Therefore, if the diet is reasonable and moderate, control the amount of consumption, the body is still healthy. As the public loves puffed food, food processing enterprises also doubled their efforts to process puffed food production. As a result, food extrusion machine has been more used widely for food processing enterprises have made outstanding contributions.

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