What is the secret to making good biscuits?

Biscuit is a typical snack, snack, or added diet, convenient to eat and easy to carry. Has become an indispensable food in daily life.

However, with the increasing variety of biscuits, consumers are increasingly dazzled and have no choice. You coupled with the increased health awareness of modern people. If you choose only by personal taste, you are afraid that it will harm your health.

So What is the secret to making good biscuits?

The secret of high-quality biscuits is cold butter. It’s freezing. Many times, the workload of the cookie dough is so significant. That the butter becomes soft before the cookies even enter the oven. Try to cut the butter into small pieces and put it back in the refrigerator. I am taking it out only when you are ready to add it to the dough.

Many people try to make their biscuits at home for health. Those who start baking know that making biscuits at home is the easiest. And biscuits are also the best category for us to start baking. 

Today I will tell you a few tips to make biscuits more crispy and mellow!

1.What is the best processing state of butter when making biscuits?

The same butter softens differently in winter and summer. The best whipping temperature for butter is 20 degrees. If your butter has just been frozen or taken out of the refrigerator, be sure to soften the butter at room temperature. Therefore, we usually cut the butter into small pieces after taking it out of the fridge, which is more conducive to quick softening.

2.How to solve the problem of sticky hands after adding flour?

After the butter and egg mixture are evenly beaten, add the flour. At this time, the dough is indeed sticky. You can put the dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, the butter will freeze, and it will be easier to handle later. If you find that it is still a little sticky, you can use a high powder to dip it on your hands to prevent sticking. Note that the time for the dough to be kept in the refrigerator should not be too long. If the refrigeration time is too long, the dough will solidify, and the dough will be easy to crack during operation.

3.Is it necessary to bake the biscuits strictly according to the temperature and time in the recipe?

Due to the differences in the temperature of different ovens, the weather and time provided in the recipe cannot be copied thoroughly. It is recommended to check the biscuits every few minutes, and it is best to keep them in front of the oven a few minutes before they are out of the range to observe the changes of the biscuits at any time. If the surface of the biscuits is golden yellow, and the biscuits are removed from the baking tray, and the bottom of the biscuits turns golden, the biscuits are baked.

4.Why are biscuits put in powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar?

The powdered sugar is easy to melt in the making, so bakers deeply love it. If you are using refined granulated sugar or coarse granulated sugar, you must comprehensively beat it until the sugar dissolves before you can proceed to the next step. Therefore, compared with powdered sugar, it is more convenient and quicker to use, and the taste will be more delicate.

5.What is the reason why the biscuits are not crisp enough and a bit soft?

It is usual for biscuits that have just been baked to become soft, and they will become crispy when cooled. If it is still weak after cooling, the baking time is not enough, and the moisture has not been thoroughly dried. The solution is to put the biscuits back into the oven and bake for a few minutes. If the biscuits are dark enough but still soft after cooling, it may be because the oven temperature is too high. At this time, try to lower the oven temperature to extend the baking time of the biscuits. In addition, the larger the dough. The harder it is to bake the moisture and the easier it is to bake soft biscuits. Conversely, the smaller the dough, the easier it is to bake crispy biscuits.

The biscuits we make at home can be adjusted. According to personal preference to make the biscuits more distinctive. In addition, the biscuits we see in stores and supermarkets are all produced by Biscuit Production Line. Suppose you are planning to start a small biscuit factory. The selection of Biscuit Production Line machinery and raw materials will determine the quality of your biscuits.