How are wafer biscuits made?

Wafer biscuit is a kind of dessert, generally made with millet flour or glutinous rice flour as the primary raw material. It has a higher nutritional value than refined white noodles and is also richer in nutrients. However, wafer biscuits have less sugar and less oil and are boring to eat alone, so there must be a filling or a layer of chocolate, while ordinary biscuits can be unfilled or covered with chocolate.

The steps of wafer biscuits are somewhat more complicated than ordinary biscuits. If you want to make wafer biscuits at home, then How are wafer biscuits made?
Prepare the raw materials first, and then follow the steps below.
Raw materials: sugar, peanut butter, cocoa powder, anhydrous butter, powdered sugar, cornstarch, etc.

1. The practice of wafer biscuits:

1. Put cornstarch in the basin, add cold water and stir evenly.

2. Flush in boiling water and stir immediately.

3. It should become a viscous semi-cooked paste.

4. Burn the egg roll mold until both sides are hot, and turn it to medium-to-low heat.

5. Scoop 1 tsp of butter in the middle of the egg roll mold, about 10 grams.

6. Cover, press the handle of the egg roll mold with a dry cloth for a few seconds. There should be a sound of steam rushing out.

7. Bake for half a minute, turn it over and bake for another half a minute.

8. Push gently by hand to move the cake, turn it to 180℃, cover it and bake it for another half minute. This is because the handle is often not cooked enough, and you can tell if you touch it with your hands. If it is a little soft, it is not cooked enough. You must turn it to the opposite side and bake it again to be completely crisp.

9. The freshly baked biscuits should be placed on the shelf to cool, and do not stick them on a flat surface so that the moisture cannot escape.

2. The practice of peanut butter sandwich:

1. First make sure that the wafers are urged, otherwise they must be baked in the oven at 180°C for about one minute, or bake in an egg roll mold or a pan.

2. Stir the peanut butter and powdered sugar evenly. If the weather is too cold, the peanut butter will be hard and difficult to spread. You can heat it up slightly.

3. Find 4 slices of the same size cake, spread a thin layer of peanut butter on 3 of them, about 10 grams each.

4.4 Stack the slices together and press them with a plate, so that the cake will be smooth and tight.

5. After everything is done, cut each piece into 4 equal pieces.

6. All cuts are ready for consumption, otherwise the package should be sealed as soon as possible.

7. There is no need to cut off the sides and cut into squares like commercial products, just keep the natural shape of hand-made. After all, no matter how you cut it, it will not be as neat as machine products, and the surface of the cake will not be as machine-made. Plaid.

8. If you really want to cut the edges neatly, you can use a circular stamping die to cut into a fan shape, which is less wasteful than cutting into a square shape.

3. The practice of cocoa wafer biscuits:

1. Sift the cocoa, add cornstarch, and make the batter in turn.

2. Bake wafers in accordance with the law.

3. After proficiency, you can increase the amount of batter, up to 15 grams. The left side of the picture is 15 grams of batter baked pie, and the right of the picture is 10 grams.

4. Prepare everything, put it in a dry place or pack it for later use.

Chocolate filling

1. Heat the chocolate in water to melt and let cool.

2. Add the cream and powdered sugar together and beat them evenly. With different chocolates, you can make bitter or sweet wafers.

3 Smear and clip up according to the law.

Fourth, cut into pieces according to your liking.

When making wafer biscuits, pay attention to the fact that when the weather is very cold, the cold water for the batter needs to be changed to 80-90 grams, and the boiling water to 110-120 grams, and the total weight is 200 grams. In addition, boiling water is water close to 100°C. If you pour hot water from the water dispenser and slowly pour it into the batter, there may be only 80°C left, so that the viscous batter cannot be produced.

The above are the steps to make wafers for the home version. Making biscuits by yourself will not expand your hobbies, and it will also ensure cleanliness and hygiene. If you don’t have time to make biscuits yourself, you can buy wafer biscuits with guaranteed quality on the market.

The wafer biscuits on the market are all made by Biscuit Production Line. The biscuit production line is composed of a biscuit forming machine, a tunnel-type hot air circulation electric oven, a fuel injection machine, a turning machine, a cooling line, a biscuit finishing machine, and a biscuit sandwiching machine. , Packaging station and other components. A variety of biscuits are manufactured by changing molds and changing production lines, which are highly sought after by biscuits manufacturers. The importance of the above biscuit production line comes from the leading machinery professional technical articles in the biscuit industry in 2021

How do you make corn flakes industrially?

Corn flakes is a very healthy breakfast cereal. It is mainly light yellow, crispy and delicious. After soaking in milk, it is a rich breakfast. It is very nutritious and rich in protein, carbohydrates, carotene, and riboflavin. A variety of nutrients such as vegetarian are incredibly beneficial to human health. It can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility. And prevent constipation and intestinal cancer. It can also effectively protect our eyes. A strong sense of fruit can reduce our food intake. It is more effective for weight loss. Positive effect.

It is precisely because of the apparent advantages of corn flakes: more and more people are starting to eat corn flakes. The market scale of corn flakes is continuously expanding. And many manufacturers are beginning to produce corn flakes with the progress of the food processing industry. The production of corn flakes has now been highly automated. And the production quality is high and stable.

How do you make corn flakes industrially?

There are two production methods of corn flakes in industry. One is the cooking method, which uses the corn endosperm after peeling and degerming as raw materials. And the processing seasonings are cooked into corn flakes through cooking, pressing, and baking. The second method is extrusion processing. It is also a cornflake processing method that is widely used now. It mainly refers to the raw materials that are extruded and matured. Then cut and pressed and baked into corn flakes. The primary raw materials used are There are corn flour, sugar, salt, and various spices.

To produce corn flakes more in line with market demand. Manufacturers now use the Corn Flake Production Line. It can achieve high efficiency and high-quality production.

According to the professional technical article on the three most cost-effective corn flake production lines in 2021.

The specific process flow is as follows:


The ingredients of corn flakes are essential. The taste and quality of corn flakes have a straightforward relationship with the elements. Suppose manufacturers want to develop for a long time. They must use better quality corn to gain market recognition, as well as various nutrients. Proportion and content are also significant.

Extrusion curing molding

This is a significant step that directly determines the quality of the final product to a large extent. This step requires that the corn must be fully matured without any puffing. Only in this way can we make crispy and delicious corn flakes.


The twin-screw extruder will cut the matured corn and cut it into uniform shapes and sizes. At this time, you only need to change the mold to change the form of the corn flakes. Including round, heart, triangle, and spherical shapes…


The cut corn flakes are transported to the dryer for pre-drying. After the corn flakes are dried, a certain tension will be formed on the surface of the corn flakes. And will no longer adhere to each other. It is conducive to the smooth progress of the tableting.


The tableting process is also the key to the production of corn flakes. This has very high-quality requirements for the tablet press. It is necessary to ensure that the surface of the roll has a high degree of smoothness. And the registration must be kept at a constant temperature.

High-temperature baking

High-temperature baking can make the corn flakes more crispy, taste richer. And the aroma of corn will be more prominent.

cool down

After cooling, the shelf life of the corn flakes can be effectively extended. And the quality of the corn flakes can be effectively improved. If the corn flakes are packaged in a hot state, the heat will damage the packaging bag. And make the corn flakes no longer crisp.


This is the last step in corn flakes processing. The high-precision packaging machine can solve much trouble for manufacturers, and the packaged corn flakes will look higher grade.

The above is the way to produce corn flakes industrially. It seems complicated, but using the production line will become extremely simple, without unnecessary manual intervention, from feeding to packaging can be done automatically at one time, genuinely realizing efficient and automated production.

The Corn Flake Production Line of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is of high quality, low price, high-cost performance. And excellent production quality. The corn flakes produced are widely acclaimed in the market and won the recognition of many customers. In addition, the quality of the production line is reliable. High-quality 304 stainless steel and internationally renowned brand accessories escort your processing and production. In addition, our biscuit production line, bean meat machine, and bread crumb production line have also received significant attention.

If you want to know more, please contact us. We will provide you with the most comprehensive answer!

How do you make old fashioned biscuits from scratch?

Biscuit is a kind of snack that can replenish protein and powdered sugar and provide calories. The primary raw material is wheat flour. In addition, there are auxiliary materials such as sugars, starches, fats, dairy products, eggs, flavors, leavening agents, and so on. Because of its variety of flavors, it is loved by the elderly and children.

Although there are many types of biscuits, have you ever heard of old-fashioned biscuits? Old-fashioned biscuits are a kind of thick, soft, large biscuits in the Northeast. As the most intimate Chinese snacks in the last century, they have many advantages, simple materials, and sample preparation. Easy to store. So do you know how to make old-fashioned cookies? How do you make old-fashioned biscuits from scratch?
There are two ways of making old-fashioned biscuits, and one is made in the oven at home; the other kind of biscuits on the market is made through the Biscuit Production Line.

Although the old-fashioned biscuits are simple in appearance, they have no characteristics. The taste is soft and non-sticky, delicious and satisfying. If you want to make old-fashioned biscuits at home, save to try the following steps:
Ingredients: all-purpose flour, sugar, corn oil, water, egg liquid, baking soda, egg liquid (for surface brushing)

  1. Mix all the materials
    Pour in corn oil, sugar, and a little yeast that has been dissolved in warm water and mix well. Finally, combine the flour and aluminum-free baking powder into the dough. Use a spatula to incorporate it into a dough, and then use your hands to knead a few times to make the ingredients more integrated. Even the finished dough is very soft.
  2. Knead into a dough and relax for 10 minutes.
  3. Roll the loose dough into a dough cake about 1cm thick. Don’t be too thin. If it is light, it will not be soft in the middle.
  4. Sprinkle a little flour on the baking sheet. Put the shaped dough into the baking tray and brush with egg wash.
    Put the dough directly on oil-free paper or tin foil and roll it into a dough crust of about 0.3-0.4cm, cut into pieces, and finally brush the surface with egg wash.
  5. The golden brown is baked in the oven.
    The middle floor of the oven. Upper heat 150, lower heat 150, intermediate layer, about 20 minutes, bake until the surface is golden brown. If you like to be dry, turn off the heat and bake at the remaining temperature for a while, but always pay attention to the Color of the surface, don’t overheat it. On the surface, Color can be. If you like a darker color, you can bake it for 2.3 minutes.
  6. Cooldown. Let it dry for a while after it’s out of the oven, and separate it with a cutter while it’s warm. Otherwise, let it cool.
  7. Pack the box.

Tips: The amount of sugar has been adjusted to the lowest level. It not recommend to reduce sugar. The shape of the biscuit can change at will. But the size in the same baking pan should be the same. Most of the products sold in the supermarket are in the shape of sunflowers. You can also sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.
When making old-fashioned biscuits, you can also innovate and change the taste according to your own taste, and try to make biscuits that meet your own taste.

In addition to the production method of the home version, the old-fashioned biscuits on the market are all made by Biscuit Production Line. So why did the biscuit manufacturer choose Biscuit Production Line equipment?
Biscuit Production Line equipment has novel design, compact structure, and high degree of automation, from feeding calendering, molding, waste recycling, drying, oiling, and cooling to one time. Can provide users with hundreds of molds and dozens of process recipes. The production line can change by changing molds to produce soft biscuits, hard biscuits, butter biscuits, sandwich biscuits, soda biscuits, animal biscuits, vegetable biscuits, butter biscuits, ultra-thin biscuits, soda biscuits, animal biscuits, etc. This expertise refers to the top ten automated food machinery technical articles in 2021.

Why Corn Flakes are made?

Many people now have the habit of skipping breakfast. But this is not a good habit. Long-term skipping breakfast is prone to digestive tract diseases. And can lead to symptoms of malnutrition. At the same time, it is easy to suffer from gallstones. Therefore, eating breakfast on time is very necessary. Major manufacturers have also seen this business opportunity and have begun to produce different types of breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals have now become a new choice for the public. Health and convenience are the main reasons for the popularity of breakfast cereals. Among them, corn flakes are represented in the world. Very popular in the range.

Corn flakes are rich in nutrients. Rich ingredients such as lutein, niacin, and vitamins are highly beneficial to the human body. Suppose you eat corn flakes for breakfast. You can provide us with full power and nutrition. And for people who want to lose weight, corn flakes can enhance the feeling of fullness. And using corn flakes to replace meals can effectively reduce fat intake. Make weight loss easier.
Although corn flakes are widely used as breakfast cereals today, did you know that corn flakes were not initially invented as a breakfast cereal?

Why are Corn Flakes made?

A technical article on the highest-selling corn flakes production line in 2021 shows that corn flakes were invented by the Kellogg brothers in the United States at the end of the 19th century. The purpose of their invention of corn flakes is also extraordinary. Many rumors say that corn flakes were invented to Suppress libido, prevent masturbation. And make the body and mind healthier. The original purpose of the Kellogg brothers creating corn flakes was to provide healthy food for the patients in the nursing home where they worked. But it also has a lot to do with suppressing libido.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. I Will tell you the story about corn flakes in detail:

At the end of the nineteenth century, John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg were actively looking for a portion of healthy vegetarian food to promote the healing of patients. By chance, they had an idea about corn flakes. The initial production was straightforward. Corn is made into thin slivers and eaten after adding a little salt. This kind of food is prevalent among patients.

The original corn flakes can be said to be a tasteless food. Many people don’t understand why such a portion of food is made. John Harvey Kellogg firmly believes that sex hurts the body. So he pursues asceticism. He sleeps in separate rooms with his wife. And even adopts children. Come in John Harvey Kellogg’s concept. Having sex with his wife is a terrible thing. And “masturbation” is an unforgivable act. He even published a book listing 39 symptoms that masturbation can cause: impetuous heart, stiff joints, dysplasia, poor posture, weakness, heart palpitations, epilepsy, acne, etc.

John Harvey Kellogg believes that healthy eating habits can solve the pain of sexual desire; eating lightly can purify the body and mind. And grains and nut foods have the effect of curbing sexual appetite. So corn flakes were born. It can not only help patients recover faster. But also, It can effectively suppress sexual desire, prevent masturbation, and make the body and mind healthier.

Later, to further expand the market, Will Keith Kellogg added sugar to corn flakes. This was very different from the concept of John Harvey Kellogg. Will Keith Kellogg founded the Kellogg company. Today, Kellogg Still a leader in the corn flakes industry.

At the beginning of the invention of corn flakes, an essential process was determined. Corn flakes have always been based on this fundamental process for more than 100 years. Although the production process has not changed too much, it is Under the impetus, and the production equipment has undergone qualitative changes. Today, the Corn Flake Production Line can achieve highly automated processing and production.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer with many years of R&D and production experience and a very high reputation in the industry. The Corn Flake Production Line produced by it has a high degree of automation, high quality and stable production, and regular operation. The failure rate is low. It has been exported to many countries and regions such as Canada, Japan, Singapore, and India for many years, helping local customers achieve production upgrades and further promoting the development of the corn flakes industry.

If you want to customize, tell us your needs in advance. Our engineers will make the equipment that best meets your production needs. Not only that, our biscuit production line, bread crumb production line, feed production line, and other equipment are also inexpensive and equipped—very high-cost performance.

The invention of corn flakes has quite a long history, but now corn flakes have evolved into the most popular breakfast cereal. To make our bodies healthier, I believe that more people will fall in love with corn flakes in the future!

Is noodles making business profitable?

In this fast-developing society. The diet problem has become a very headache for the public. Busy work often makes everyone too late to eat. They usually eat a few bites in a hurry. Then quickly devote themselves to work. Instant noodles can say to provide us with great help, especially in the cold winter. Two or three minutes can allow us to eat warm meals. It can save us a lot of time.

Some people will soak a bucket of instant noodles when they don’t want to cook. It saves time and effort and eats happily. Instant noodles have become a very high-demand food because of their convenience and deliciousness. Many manufacturers now see this massive business opportunity. And want to join the industry to make profits. But now that instant noodles are so typical. Is it still profitable to do the instant noodle business at this time?

Are noodles making the business profitable?

According to the professional technical article of the highest-selling instant noodle production line in 2021. However, instant noodles have become a widespread food. And there are many manufacturers of instant noodles. There is no saying that there is saturation in any market: the high quality or sound quality and low price. The instant noodles are always lacking. It is what the public has been pursuing. It is still profitable to start producing instant noodles as long as we can make instant noodles that satisfy the public.

In terms of market potential. In today’s fast-developing society. Instant noodles have high market potential because instant noodles have the characteristics of instant noodles. And fast cooking. Therefore, instant noodles can generally accept in both urban and rural areas. The economic level of the general public has improved. And the price of instant noodles is not high, so consumers are increasing rapidly. And the market demand for instant noodles is also growing. This is an excellent thing.

Although there are already many well-known instant noodle manufacturers. For many small and medium-sized enterprises. Huge profits can still obtain from them. And they only need to improve production quality. And reduce production costs from the following aspects.

Instant noodles are a kind of food. The first thing you eat in your stomach is to ensure the safety of the raw materials. When choosing raw materials. You must select high-quality raw materials. Long-term cooperation with suppliers can reduce the cost of raw materials. Will gain more consumer recognition.

Secondly, we must ensure the hygienic quality of instant noodles. Reducing manual intervention during the production process is a powerful way to improve hygienic quality standards. Therefore, many well-known manufacturers will choose Instant Noodles Production Line for production.

There are many advantages to using the production line to produce. The most intuitive is that the production line is made of food-grade stainless steel. It is immaculate and will not cause adverse effects on the human body. In addition, the production line can realize a highly automated production method—no manual intervention is required from the feeding to the final product packaging. The production process is clean and pollution-free. It can further improve the hygienic quality of instant noodles. The entire production line is easy to clean. And more convenient to use.

The Instant Noodles Production Line produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has a very high hygienic standard. It a very reliable quality and can be used for a long time. In addition, the price is very high, and the price is the lowest among the equipment of the same quality. Manufacturers only want to benefit more SMEs. And help more companies to open the market further. This production line a production line used by many well-known companies. Using this production line will achieve the same quality as famous brand instant noodles. In addition, the company’s biscuit production line. Corn flakes production line and bean meat machine. And other pieces of equipment are also top-rated.

Production equipment not only determines the quality of instant noodles. But also affects the price of instant noodles. High-quality and inexpensive equipment will effectively reduce the production cost of instant noodles. And improve the quality of instant noodles. As long as the production of high-quality and affordable instant noodles. It will mean an extensive market.

In addition to the above points, we also need to open up our brand’s popularity and expand sales. There are many ways to boost sales. We can reach cooperative relations with stores and supermarkets for some promotions. Or establish our website for online sales, etc., as long as the quality of instant noodles passes the test. Profit will be straightforward.

The demand for instant noodles is extensive. And the increase in mass consumption power will make the demand for this fast-consuming food higher and higher. It is very profitable to start the instant noodle business. Suppose you want to know more. Please contact us!

What are packet noodles made of?

Instant noodles mainly include noodles, dehydrated vegetables, and sauces. It is fast food that loves by modern people. The advantage is that it is convenient and quick to meet the rhythm of life in metropolises. Different flours can also make noodles, such as wheat flour, rice flour, and buckwheat flour. There are many flavors for you to choose from.

Because instant noodles are so popular, many people also want to try making instant noodles. So what packet noodles make of?
The noodles of instant noodles are made with wheat flour. Water. Salt. And kansui to increase the elasticity of the noodles with alkaline water. First, the ingredients knead together to create a dough. Next, this dough rolls out and cut into thin noodles. The noodles then steam, dehydrated, and finally packaged.

Of course, many people think that the production process of instant noodles is unsanitary. And maybe harmful to your health. As long as you ensure that the instant noodles you buy in regular supermarkets are completed through professional and precise technical operations, the food is immaculate and hygienic. Nowadays, most instant noodles are made by the brand-new Instant Noodles Production Line.

So how instant noodles produce through the Instant Noodles Production Line?

First, prepare the raw materials: flour, water, oil

1. Kneading and mixing: Sprinkle the mixed liquid on the flour and mix thoroughly to simulate artificial kneading. The stirred dough is also called [raw noodle], and the plain noodle needs to be matured before proceeding to the next step.


Flour: All instant noodle manufacturers add ingredients such as (egg white powder, etc.) based on wheat flour according to their taste.

Water: Add salt and alkaline water (mainly containing sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate) to the water used for mixing noodles and mix well. Adding alkali can neutralize the acid produced by the dough fermentation so that the flavor does not change, and the noodles are more Cheeks but don’t add too much.

2. Cut surface extrusion

The noodle belt is cut into strips through a pair of knife rolls at high speed. And then transferred to the forming mesh belt through the former. Same as the cutting knife speed, the forming mesh belt speed is low. The speed difference between the two causes the noodles to form a wave shape, instant noodles. Unique shape (why should instant noodles be curved? One way of saying is: increasing the contact area between noodles and air, whether cooling, frying, or sanitation of noodles can effectively shorten the time).

3. Steamed noodles

The noodles heat and are steamed by steam. Both fried and non-fried instant noodles will go through this stage. Otherwise, the instant noodles will not be able to eat by soaking.

4. Quantitative section

A rotary knife cuts a circle, which is the weight of a bag. Generally, the noodles are cut into 30 cm long, which is the most suitable length for clamping (before deep-frying, the steamed noodles will be blown. “Blow,” the purpose is to increase the contact area between noodles and air, facilitating rapid and even frying and cooling).

5. Deep frying

Fry the cooked noodles thoroughly at an oil temperature of 130°C to 165°C to complete dehydration and hardening (if the fat quality is good, it will save oil, but the quality of the fried noodles is also excellent).

6. Pack and ship the fried noodles. After the kefir cool. You can enter the final step and add the ingredients to the package. This becomes the instant noodles we see on the market.

The above the detailed steps on what made of instant noodles and how to make them. The Instant Noodles Production Line equipment is an all-in-one production and packaging machine with high automation, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, strong stability, and simple operation. The production line can be replaced at will to create new snack foods. The above advantages of food equipment are proposed by the top five most cost-effective food machinery professional technical articles in 2021. If you want to start an instant noodle business, buying a suitable Instant Noodles Production Line can help you win the most benefit!

Is biscuit factory profitable?

Biscuit is an everyday snack as snack or added diet. It is convenient to eat and easy to carry. And it has become an indispensable food in daily life. The primary raw material of the biscuits is wheat flour. And supplementary materials such as sugar, fat, eggs. And dairy products are added according to different recipes and production processes. Sweet biscuits can be divided into two categories: Tough biscuits and crisp biscuits.

Biscuits are a snack that everyone often eats. Because of this, there are a variety of special biscuits on the market. Consumers widely love them. Suppose you have an idea to start a biscuit business. You can give it a try.

So Is the biscuit factory profitable?

Biscuit manufacturing is undoubtedly a profitable business. The market has great demand for biscuits. And the biscuit industry has become an industry that will never decline. Of course, if you start your business. You can start with a small-scale business. In this business. Any entrepreneur can start a company with a minimal amount of capital.

Secondly, if you like baking and have a strong interest in food processing, then it is one of your best choices. In addition, this is a financially prosperous business. Biscuit manufacturing belongs to the traditional baking industry.

Of course, the profitability of the biscuit business also depends on the choice of raw materials. And the selection of the Biscuit Production Line. As a newbie in the biscuit business. How to choose the Biscuit Production Line is the most important thing.

The top five cost-effective food machinery technical articles in 2021 pointed out that. The Biscuit Production Line is a new generation of traditional domestic equipment. It consists of a dough mixer. A material turning machine. A block cutter. A peeling machine. A pressing machine. A forming machine. A sugar spreader. A tunnel furnace. An oil spraying machine. An oil draining machine. And cooling is conveying and finishing machine. It can produce various types of biscuits, such as tough biscuits. Crisp biscuits. Soda biscuits. And sandwich biscuits.

As one of the most professional biscuit machinery manufacturers for biscuit-making machinery. In the past 15 years. We have sold Biscuit Production Line to more than 150 countries and regions. On the machines of the same quality. The price of our machines is the best. Suppose you want to start a profitable biscuit business. You can consult us.

After choosing the suitable Biscuit Production Line would help if you determined the recipe you want to produce and make biscuits. The following are everyday recipes for biscuits:

Crisp biscuits: use wheat flour. Sugar. And oil as the primary raw materials. Add loosening agents and other auxiliary materials. Through the chilly powder, adjust the powder, roll, roll printing or punching, baking. The shape is mainly embossed, the cross-sectional structure Baked food with porous texture and loose taste, such as butter biscuits, spring onion biscuits, sesame biscuits, meringue biscuits, and so on.

Tough biscuits: Take wheat flour, sugar, and oil as the primary raw materials, add bulking agents, improvers, and other auxiliary materials. And the patterns made by hot powder process powder adjustment. Roll pressing. Roll cutting or punching. And baking are mostly gravure, appearance Baked food with a smooth, flat surface, pinholes, layered cross-section, and crispy taste. Such as milk biscuits. Vanilla biscuits. Egg biscuits. Mary biscuits. Boston biscuits, etc.

Fermented (soda) cakes: use wheat flour, sugar. And oil as the primary raw materials, yeast as a loosening agent adds various auxiliary materials and is crispy and unique to fermented products after fermentation, flour adjustment, rolling, lamination. And baking Scented baked goods. Fermented cakes are also called chocolate racks. And are divided into salty fermented cakes and sweet fermented cakes according to their recipe.

Cookies: Wheat flour, sugar. And dairy products are used as the primary raw materials. And the thinner and other auxiliary materials are added. The dough is formed by squeezing, squeezing, steel wire cutting, etc., and baked—crisp baked goods with three-dimensional patterns or regular ripples on the surface and high-fat content.

The formula we provide you is the best taste obtained after many trials in the early stage of the biscuit business. It would be best if you had a team of senior engineers. And senior technicians with rich experience in the food machinery industry to design machinery specifically for you. So that you can achieve the most significant profit, I wish you success!

What machines are used to make biscuits?

Biscuits are a typical snack, and there are many types. There are salty biscuits and sweet biscuits. Both children and adults like to eat this kind of food. The high-calorie content in biscuits can replenish the energy the body needs. And it can also make the body’s immune system stronger.

Many people like to bake. And occasionally try to make biscuits at home. So what machines use to make biscuits?

  1. If you choose to make simple biscuits at home. It would be best if you prepared a household oven and bakeware.
  2. If you want to develop a biscuit business for production and sales. You need an efficient Biscuit Production Line.

Biscuits are very rich in carbohydrates. They are also an essential nutrient for the body. It can provide the calories needed by the body and supplement the dietary fiber needed by the body. Cookies are not only delicious but also easy to make. People who like to eat biscuits can also try to make them at home. Do you know how to make biscuits at home?

To make biscuits at home, mainly use an electric oven and an electric mixer. Generally, an electric range uses to replace the wall oven. The electric oven can use when it power on. It is more convenient to use. It can use to bake biscuits, cakes, and slices of bread, and other snacks. And it can also be used to roast vegetables and meat. The main body of the electric mixer is a motor. It is equipped with two mixing heads, an egg-beating head, and a noodle-stirring stick. The electric mixer can make the mixing process faster and make the material mixing more evenly.

Here are the steps for making cookies:

1. Preparation materials: low-gluten flour, powdered sugar, eggs, and butter.

2. Production steps: prepare the required materials. You can start making it. The method is straightforward (the butter will be softened in advance in the greenhouse). Pour the powdered sugar into the softened butter.

3. Then mix the powdered sugar and butter. And send it to the baking tray.

To prevent oil and water from separating. Add the dispersed egg liquid three times at a time until the egg liquid and butter are thoroughly mixed before adding the next time, adding low-gluten flour. Mix the low flour and butter evenly.

4. Put it into a piping bag. Cover the baking tray with greased paper. Then squeeze out the pattern.

5. Bake in the oven. Preheat the oven 180 degrees and heat it for 18 minutes in the middle until the surface turns golden. The biscuits made in this way are delicious, sweet, and delicious.

Anyone who likes to eat biscuits can make their biscuits at home according to the above steps. The method is simple. And it is delicious to eat it by yourself or give it to friends. The biscuits made by yourself can be consumed safely and deliciously without worrying about the health effects of too many additives.

Except for the methods that can be used to make biscuits in the household oven in daily life. The biscuits we see in the market are all made through the Biscuit Production Line.

According to the technical article on the top ten automatic food production lines in 2021, Biscuit Production Line covers the characteristics of various biscuit production lines. These pieces of equipment have made great efforts to be flexible and adapt to multiple products at the beginning of production design. Our Biscuit Production Line can arbitrarily combine and disassemble the equipment according to the user’s site requirements and biscuit process requirements. And change the mold and process formula to produce different types of biscuit products. This production line set can be combined to create various kinds of biscuits, such as butter biscuits. Sandwich biscuits. Soda biscuits. And vegetable biscuits.

Biscuit Production Line process flow:

Kneading machine→forming machine (roll cutting, roll printing)→tunnel baking oven (electric heating/gas heating)→fuel injection machine→turning machine (no need for sufficient workshop)→cooling conveying→biscuit finishing machine→sandwich machine→ package

Biscuit Production Line equipment is novel in design, compact in structure, and highly automated from feeding to calendering, forming, waste recycling, drying, oil injection, and cooling. It can be fully automated at one time.

The above are two methods of making biscuits. Suppose you have an idea to start a biscuits business. You can consult us—any questions about the biscuit production line. We can help you answer!

The biscuit production line can produce different types of biscuit products by changing the mold and process formula.

How does a commercial fryer work?

Fried food has become a popular delicacy all over the world. No one does not love fried food. Although it is full of calories to eat, it is precisely this full of calories that will bring us a sense of happiness. . If you feel that fried foods are not very healthy. You can choose to eat them at intervals. The moderate consumption of fried foods will not bring us any harm, but will make us feel extremely satisfied.

Now all kinds of fried food .

Such as fried chicken, fried fish, and chips are flooding all kinds of commercial streets. And fried food is always indispensable whether it is a restaurant or a street food. In order to make delicious fried foods quickly and with high quality. Businesses need to use commercial frying pans, which are also a must-have kitchenware in modern commercial kitchens.

The use of this equipment can bring great convenience to merchants.

Both the quality and the speed can be improved. The most important thing is that it is very convenient to use. Kitchen novices can also use commercial frying pans to make food.

So How does a commercial fryer work?

Commercial fryer is a very practical equipment, with very superior performance. It is the equipment with the highest usage rate in commercial activities. The fryer is made of stainless steel, with automatic temperature control, automatic discharging. And automatic feeding and automatic mixing functions. According to the professional technical article in the most cost-effective fryer in 2021. The working process of the fryer is to fry the raw materials into the fryer from time to time.

Add the oil to the fryer, lift and pour the oil into the de-oiling cylinder to de-oil the oil.

One gas synthesis. The temperature, frying time, and de-oiling time are all automatically controlled by the PC. The frying effect is stable and uniform, and the oil content of the food can be effectively controlled, so that the color, fragrance and taste of the fried product are excellent.

The fried food in the traditional fryer is easy to fry and burnt.

And the oil after repeated frying is black and has many impurities. The fried food is not good for health. The oil-water mixed fryer uses the most advanced frying technology in modern science and technology, and its performance is very superior.

The water in the lower layer can filter the impurities in the oil.

The fried food not only has good color, aroma and taste, but also has a clean and beautiful appearance. It also improves the quality of the product, extends the shelf life, and is free of carcinogens, which is beneficial to health.

This is also the reason why more and more businesses are starting to use commercial frying pans.

Frying pans can provide businesses with great convenience and help manufacturers attract more consumers with high-quality fried food. The method of use is also It is very simple, simple and easy to operate so that many friends who can’t cook can also make perfect fried food.
How to use the fryer:

First turn on the main power of the fryer and the switch of the pan.And before turning on, make sure that there is no flammable material around the fryer and keep it clean and tidy.
Pour vegetable oil into the fryer.Generally speaking, the fryer has the maximum filling line. Just pour the oil according to the filling line. Do not pour too much, otherwise you will burn yourself when the hot oil boils. After pouring the oil, set the temperature control switch on the pot to the required value and wait for the oil temperature to rise.

After the oil rises to the set temperature.

Place the ingredients along the edges to ensure that the ingredients are dry and free of moisture. After the frying is finalized, gently flip it to fry the other side. After the frying is complete, remove the food.

Then set the temperature of the thermostat to the lowest scale.

Turn off the power and the pot switch, wait until the oil cools, pour it out, and then clean the fryer. Cleaning after each use is very necessary, which can effectively extend the service life of the fryer.

As a well-known food machinery manufacturer in the industry.

Our company has very rich experience in research and development. The frying system produced has been exported to Singapore, Canada, India, Pakistan and other countries, with strong strength to help local customers attract more consumers and improve In order to achieve economic benefits, it is our mission to help more customers expand the market scale.

Our equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel. The quality is stable and reliable.

It can be used for a long time. The production process is clean and hygienic. It has a very high quality standard. The operation process is also safe and efficient. It is suitable for most businesses.

The fried food made is crispy and nutritious. And contains no harmful substances. It has been welcomed by many consumers. The frying system has also become one of the most popular frying equipment.

Fried food occupies a very high position in our daily life, and the demand will only increase in the future. If you also want to engage in this industry, please contact us and let us help you!

How do industrial fryers work?

The improvement of living standards. It gives us more choices in our daily life. In terms of diet. Everyone is no longer satisfied with just eating enough. And seek more colorful foods. However, there are thousands of kinds of food. There is no disagree it. Fried food has always been. One of the people’s favorite foods. In the public mind. A lot of food is fried these days. Like snacks. Instant noodles. Some meat products. Even a very ordinary burden becomes delicious. When it’s fried, their flavors will be endless in industrial food processing. Suppose you want to produce high-quality fried food. Factory owners usually use oil pans. The fryer has many advantages. Its working principle. It also has very high technology.

How do industrial fryers work?

Before understanding the specific working principle of the fryer, you need to understand. The elemental composition of the fryer:

1.Primary structure: Automatic control system of oil temperature. Automatic lifting system. Automatic filtering. And slag scraping system.

2.Heating system: Electric heating tube. Thermal oil. Coal. Natural gas. Liquefied gas. Electromagnetic induction heating. Infrared heating

3. Mesh belt conveying system: Frequency conversion speed regulation. Quantitative conveying. And timing conveying

 4. Automatic filtration system: Dynamic circulation system.

The above parts form a piece of complete frying equipment. And each element can achieve perfect coordination. During the working process. When frying, equipment is used to make fried food. The principle of different rates of oil. Water. And animal oil is used too. Make all the residues produced. During the frying process, sink into the water. And the animal fat sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil. It fundamentally solves the traditional frying Residues in the machine—animal fats. And repeated frying makes the fried oil acidified and carbonized, and deteriorated to cause carcinogens. The particular process makes the residue. Animal fat leaves the active layer. And the heating in the middle can effectively control the convection of the upper and lower oil layers. It can ensure the purity of various oil layers. Further, improve the quality of fried foods.

The oil-water mixing technology enables the water below the oil layer. To continuously generate a small amount of steam. And penetrates the oil layer to add moisture to the fried oil. Thereby inhibiting a large amount of oil volatilization. The degree of oxidation of the oil inhibits the generation of acid media, thereby prolonging the life of the fried oil. Reducing waste and effectively saving the use of oil, and not polluting the environment.

The above is the specific working principle of the industrial fryer. This principle can use to produce more delicious fried foods. Now there are many types of frying equipment. The central heating methods are gas—indirect heating by heat transfer oil. Electric heating. And other heating methods. The gas method gradually eliminates due to problems. Such as safety and stability. Now electric heating. And heat transfer oil heating mainly use.

The performance of the fryer will affect the final food quality. And production efficiency. It is choosing a fryer with superior performance. It can significantly improve the production quality. And further, improve economic benefits.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co. Ltd. is an internationally renowned food machinery manufacturer. Its biscuit production lines. Baby food production lines. And corn flakes production lines are world-renowned. They are recognized as top equipment in the industry. Our industrial fryers also have very superior performance. The equipment adopts the world’s most advanced mixed frying technology. It fundamentally solves the shortcomings of traditional frying equipment. It can fry a variety of foods at the same time. And it can be used for multiple purposes. Do not confuse each other. Have a very high production quality.

In addition. The equipment is reliable in quality. Stable in performance. Stable in operation. Low in price. Small in investment. And quick in effect. It is very suitable for minors. And medium-sized enterprises. If you need it, please contact us!

Fryers are already very common in the food processing industry. The production of many foods requires the use of fryers under the situation of rapid economic improvement. The demand for fried foods will become higher and higher. So!